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Fashion Pulse | Spice Up Your Look.

When you’re trying to create, you can be bogged down by the sense that it’s all been done, and it pretty much has. However, originality can still come about when you take what you’ve seen before and combine it in new and novel ways. With that in mind, why not take one of the most inspiring and lasting infatuations mankind has ever had to inspire your new look? Why not use flowers to take your look to the next level? Flowers are beautiful and elegant, and there’s a reason they’ve remained a part of human culture throughout all of history.
Photo credit: Coco Rosa.
First and foremost, consider floral print. This is an easy way to make any outfit more interesting, as long as you don’t go into garish territory. Nothing spoils a look faster than trying to do too much. Avoid designs that are too “loud” or “busy.” Keep it simple. Find a pattern that consists of a small selection of prominent colors, such as an array of sunflowers, against a dark background. You can also consider a design that pairs flowers with bees or butterflies, both of which are striking insects in there own way and have a deep connection with flowers.

Another way to spice up your look with flora is by wearing flowers, themselves. Wearing flowers in your hair has a sort of whimsical and mystical feeling to it that it sure to make for a memorable look. You can also along the top of a tube top dress to create a floral border along the chest. There are a number of ways to incorporate flowers into your look, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Fortune favors the bold, as they say. And, whatever floral needs you may have, 1800Flowers can help you build your new look.

6 replies:

Ronnie said...

The last wedding I attended had someone creating very pretty headpieces from flowers for the ladies. You could pick and choose the flowers you wanted. It was such a nice touch and made the pictures more colorful!

Xon said...

These are really lovely ideas. I think flowers can brighten up any outfit. I love the floral headpieces that brides often wear on their wedding day.

Unknown said...

That's a lovely suggestion. I think it's awesome to add flowers to your outfit! It's perfect for the season and it gives your look more life!

travelpogi said...

this soo cute! i remember my sister's wedding, it is really nice and colorful!! more on flowers and lovely decorations!
-Kelly Reci

Unknown said...

These are really beautiful ideas ideas. I loved the pretty headpieces from flowers for the ladies.

mail4rosey said...

I see a lot of the teens/early twenties gals wearing the flower rings in their hair. My daughter and her friends have done so too. I think it's pretty.