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Seoul Searching | Under Stand Avenue.

With the ever-growing popularity of Korean dramas, filming locations in South Korea have become must-go destinations among tourists - whether they're hardcore Kdrama fans or not. I fall under the first category, and have been to several Kdrama filming locations during my previous trips to the Land of the Morning Calm.

Now let me tell you about this area in Seongdong-gu, our neighborhood, which is slowly becoming a Hallyu hotspot. I'm talking about Under Stand Avenue, which I have mentioned in passing in one of my previous posts.
Under Stand Avenue.
More of Under Stand Avenue after the jump!
I was inspired to write more about this place after seeing the latest episode of 'The Liar and His Lover'. In episode 7, Han Gyeol (Lee Hyun Woo) and Yoon So Rim (Joy of Red Velvet), go on a 'date' at Under Stand Avenue and grab a bite at one of the restaurants there.
Han Gyeol and Yoon So Rim meet up at Under Stand Avenue.
And have a meal together.
This place was also used as filming location in Kai's episode of 'First Kiss for the Seventh Time', a promotional web series produced for Lotte Duty Free Shop. Under Stand Avenue is actually a project of the Lotte Group, and its construction was funded by Lotte Duty Free.
First Kiss for the Seventh Time, episode 5. 
Lee Cho Hee and Kai take a selca with this display.
More than just a cargo container mall, Under Stand Avenue is a 'creative socio-cultural space' that aims to support teenagers, mothers, multi-cultural families, artists, local vendors, and social entrepreneurs.
Under Stand Avenue, May 2016.
Under Stand Avenue, December 2016.
This unique space is divided into seven areas: 1) the Youth Stand, a center for teenage job education and employment; 2) Heart Stand, a meditative, stress-free zone; 3) the Mom Stand, which offers jobs to moms and women on career break; 4) an Art Stand that supports artists and content creators; 5) the Power Stand, which assists the youth in opening their own businesses; 6) a Social Stand, that promotes social enterprise, fair trade, and green, eco-friendly products; and 7) the Open Stand which helps young entrepreneurs and artists to develop their brand and their craft.

Heart Stand.
Heart Stand. 
Mom Stand.
Cafe Brinner (Breakfast for dinner).
This is the cafe where Han Gyeol and So Rim ate together.
They sat in this area. 
Built with 115 container boxes, Under Stand Avenue takes 'thinking outside the box' to a whole new level. It's a place where shopping, education, experiences, and exhibitions all take place at the same time. For the clueless tourist, this could be nothing but a Hallyu hotspot, but for artists and entrepreneurs, this could be the start of something big. or the culmination of their dreams.
Sunset at Seongdong-gu. :)
To get to Under Stand Avenue, take the subway to Seoul Forest Station exit 3. If you're heading for Seoul Forest, you'll pass by this place along the way.
To get there by bus, take the Blue Bus no. 121, or the Green Bus no. 2014, 2224, and 2413.

63 Wangsimini Road, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

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GiGi Eats said...

I have definitely had the urge many times to travel to Korea. It's not in the planning stages of my life quite yet, but it will be in the future, for sure!

Xon said...

I would totally go there. It's a beautiful spot to have a date in and it's also a great spot to meet friends. I think it's really nice that it's gaining popularity.

Lisa RIos said...

That sounds like an incredible destination when traveling! It's so cool how there have been so many filmings there and I love all the Stands. Awesome!