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Wordless Wednesday #42 | Back to School!

On Yue:
Mickey Mouse tee from Marks & Spencer,
Indigo Collection shorts from Marks & Spencer,
Hi-cut sneakers from Lee Cooper,
Ben 10 bag from Cartoon Network collection
Hair styled with Bench Fix Strong Hold Hair Gel.
Back to my Alma Mater! :)

5 replies:

Catch My Words said...


Mommys Juice said...

Sooooo cute!!!

Christy G said...

Wow, your son is already back in school. My kids just got out for the summer last week.

Unknown said...

Aw...what an adorable outfit! School already, huh? Mine are out for 2 more months...ACK!

susan jakovina said...

What a looker he is Czjai!!!!! xox