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The Latest in Interior Design Trends.

It has never been easier to transform your home into the environment that makes you and your family most at ease. There are so many styles, designs and trends that can completely alter the look and feel of your home and with so much emphasis placed on appearance, more and more people are becoming interior design enthusiasts to ensure they keep up to date with the latest trends and make sure there home is the envy of friends and neighbours.

Your home is a place of sanctuary and needs to be styled in a way that not only fills you with satisfaction when you walk through the door but also in a way that is practical to the people that live within the home. Interior design is similar in many ways to that of regular fashion as the trends evolve and develop every year and there are simply so many followers that have a desire to be ‘fashionable’.

2013 saw some trends reappear from eras such as the 60’s. The trends may not to be everyone’s personal tastes and many simply cannot be put together, they are merely suggestions and favoured styles that can transform the look and feel of your personal environment.

2013 the bold and the beautiful…

  • Bold geometric patterns, bright colours and eye-catching furnishings are reminiscent of the 1960’s era and the trends have made a come back in spectacular fashion. They can be done subtly or boldly depending on your bravery. 
  • Copper, brass and glass are key design features this spring summer season with the items being used to create a feeling of light, elegance and expense. Done in simple ways they can be subtle focal points within any room.
  • Mirrors are the perfect accessories as they are ideal for any room. Not only for vanity purposes they can make a room appear larger and brighter and grouped mirrors do this is an effective and stylish way.
  • Floral fabrics come in a range of colours and styles and create a feeling of old fashioned class, again use just a hint of the pattern or go flower power mad for a breath taking room.
  • Antique wooden furniture is a trend that will never die and with so many furniture items in this style it is easy to incorporate the trend in any part of the home.
  • Flowers are a key look for this season and botanical patterns and accessories just highlights this.
  • Fixtures and fittings are something, which cannot be ignored as they perfectly finish the look of a room. Copper, brass, or chrome electrical switches are the ideal way to keep within the design of a room whilst incorporating practical fixtures.
  • Bright colours are a must as we say goodbye to magnolia and the neutral tones that have been popular for so long.
  • Embracing ethnicity is one of the most popular new trends of this year with the addition of screens and furniture items the ethnic style can be easily incorporated into any home.
  • Art has taken on a new lease of life with extreme and bold pieces being the style of choice. Graffiti and expressive art are now littering the walls of so many homes.

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