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Simple Upcycle Furniture Ideas | How Creativity Can Save You Money and Help the Environment.

Many people try to expresses their individuality with a personal style. Alongside fashion, the home is especially used to demonstrate ones personality and taste. A home’s interior shows people’s choices, memories and affectations - in brief, it reflects who they truly are.

However, in times of growing environmental issues and tight budgets, acquiring of new furniture is often postponed to a future point in time – individuals are simply limited in expressing their style at home. Luckily, handy people are able to build their own, original furniture which also fulfills their wish for a greener living.

As most of the people have a tight-time schedule and care for trends, simple, sustainable ‘do-it-yourself’ ideas are needed which appeal to the current tastes. Two huge trends are the shabby chic and the industrial furniture style which are respectively favoured by women and men. However, those who may not be technically skilled can buy reproduction furniture of their preferred style with selected furniture retailers such as The Furniture Market.
                                                                      Source: via Savvy Brown on Pinterest

Drawing inspiration from given furniture upcyling ideas, the refurbishment of the own home can start on a shoestring budget.

Repurpose of Industrial Wood Packaging
There are two different opinions about what ‘upcycling of furniture’ means. Some say it is a buzz word for simply refurbishing old furniture, others claim it stands for the usage of redundant objects to create a new piece.

However, furniture build of industrial wood packaging complies with the understanding of the second group. One may be surprised how industrial packaging can be reused for the creation of very individual sturdy furniture. Industrial wooden pallets, crating, skids, cable reels and boxes can be transformed with a simple creative treatment and a lick of paint. The resulting simple, rustic look of the crafted furniture makes it especially suited to a male household; however, a light finish can change its appeal.

Whilst, industrial wooden pallets can be nearly used for any kind of furniture, wooden boxes are ideal for the creation of racks, and bedside tables. Having treated the surfaces with sandpaper, one can decide which colouring they want to add.

Industrial furnishings can perfectly compliment light paint and wallpapers, where it serves as the perfect contrast to the soft and romantic look of the room. An ordinary room can be transformed into something interesting and inspiring.

Industrial packaging furniture is ideal for outdoors, where it needs less treatment and even allows recognising the original objects. In contrast, self-made indoor furniture, however, profits from extra wood treatment and add-ons such as wheels and fabrics (chunky knits, wool throws and cushions).

French Shabby Chic
This style, which originally was very common in English country houses, became very popular in Europe during the last decade. The overall elegant look is created by the usage of upcycled vintage furniture, materials, and accessories with Rococo accents. The basic principle behind the shabby-chic style is the application of old timey materials, rustic surfaces and accessories (e.g. old suitcases or paintwork) which build a strong contrast to the light and innocent colour scheme of the room. This design is appreciated as it creates an intimate, comfortable and homely feeling, which is opposed to quality décor inexpensive. The shabby chic style is especially applicable for bath, kitchen and bedrooms and gives it a feminine, romantic look.
                                                                       Source: via Sunrise Lilly on Pinterest

Within the shabby chic trend, a mix of styles, materials and colours is allowed. Furniture can be made of wooden items which either shows a painted, stained or distressed surface. The amateur craftsman can use old wooden doors, drawers, ladders, or bedheads for his new creations. The material should be cleaned and loose paint with the help of steel wool removed. In a last step a protective wood lacquer or colour can be applied.
                                                                           Source: Uploaded by user via Luann on Pinterest

The final pieces are ideally combined with metal and glass accessories and fabrics in ecru, off-whites and washed out pastel. Accessories and lamps can perfect the layout of the room, as they balance the given colour scheme and set accents which results in a harmonious, symmetric overall image.
                                                             Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

                                                                 Source: via Barbara on Pinterest


Finally, the hobby interior designer is doing well by contrasting the asymmetry of curvy and florid Rococo’s pieces with symmetric elements and clean lined furniture in the room.

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Kathy Balmores said...

Ooohhh I might go for this look when I have my own place next year! I'm so excited. It's so me. Worn up but still has use. Haha.

Rhea Bue | Styles and Writes said...

wow! these are nice ideas sis! :) if only I had the time, I would definitely work on DIY furniture.. kase every piece would be unique and made by you talaga. I find that nice talaga.. :)

Franc said...

Reusing some used items and recycling it would really save you on the expenses instead of buying new ones.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

I love that idea of recycling,It saves money and the design is also nice.

Peeluche said...

I found great ideas for Home furniture on this page !