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Discovering Asian Secrets.

I've seen women flock over this product at Watson's, and I've read quite a handful of positive reviews for this online. Even one of my fellow mommies at school has nothing but praises for this product, so I've been wondering - what is it with Asian Secrets that makes it all the rave?

Luckily, I have been tapped by Unilab to give this product a try - a chance to finally satisfy my curiosity. I received this package last week, and inside were two huge tubs (250 grams) of Asian Secrets.
Asian Secrets!
One tub is the Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract variant, while the other is the Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E variant.
Licorice + Mulberry Leaf Extract on the left, Seaweed Extract + Vitamin E on the right.
Here's what the packaging says about the product:
Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub is a beauty treatment which originated from the royal palaces of Java, Indonesia and is inspired by a ritual called lulur. Lulur was originally intended for the bride-to-be in order to beautify, smoothen, and whiten her skin before the wedding day.

And the benefits of using it:
- Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells to make the skin smooth and glowing.
- Continued use reduces skin pigmentation and evens out skin tone.
- Moisturizes the skin and leaves it with a fragrant smell.

Now here's how the product looks like. At first glance you'd think it's vanilla ice cream, haha! It's thick and creamy, with very, very fine exfoliating beads in it. Both variants smell wonderful, too. The Mulberry Extract variant has a floral scent, while the Seaweed Extract variant smells citrusy to me.
Like a tub of vanilla ice cream. :)
To use, simply take a dollop and scrub all over, paying particular attention on dark areas of your body (e.g. elbows, knees, armpits).
Take a dollop and then scrub away!
Make sure you scrub this while your skin is dry.
The beads come out as you scrub.
Leave the product on your skin for at least ten minutes before washing off. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Lulur beads on my skin.
What I love:
- The scent! Not overpowering, smells good, and lingers on the skin.
- Makes the skin smooth and soft to touch.
- No allergic reactions considering I have very sensitive skin.
- Affordable (Php 139 for the 250g tub, the smaller tub costs somewhere around Php 80 I think).
- Available at Watson's and most supermarkets.

What you might not like:
- I've always had issues with products that come in jars and tubs. I find it unsanitary, so the best thing to do is use a spatula when scooping it out (especially if you're sharing it with other people at home).

As for the whitening effect of this product, I have yet to use it for a few more weeks before I can attest to it. Will let you know once the color on my arms finally even out, haha! :)

Disclaimer: Product was sent to The Rebel Sweetheart for review. Thoughts and opinions expressed above are entirely my own.

15 replies:

Dominique Goh said...

Interesting product.. hope that it works for you.. I too would use a wooden spoon for items that come in a tub.

Jennifer H said...

thank you for the review

Unknown said...

I wonder if this is safe to use for preggers like me. Paubos na body scrub ko eh!

Karen Dawkins said...

I used a mild exfoliant last week that burned my skin. Apparently, I'm ultra sensitive? I'm not sure I would want to use a whitening product, though. Does it stain clothes?

Franc said...

I'm sure this is an effective product since its associated with Unilab.

Christy G said...

Sounds like an amazing product. I love that feeling when your skin feels nice and smooth.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

As always an interesting review from you.thanks.........

MaryJane Tauyan said...

i guess i have tried this before for our honeymoon before! we had a 2 hours of scrub and other massages and oyu can always see lulur on their lists all over the spas! glad we that now in philippines!

Animetric said...

I finished my jars so fast, lol, because I always apply generously. :)

Ruth dela Cruz said...

I got to review the product too, and I realized most of my friends use Asia Secrets! One even brought a jar during our trip! Haha

Sumi Go said...

I won a set of Asian Secrets last year, but it was my lil sis who used up all 6 tubs I got! Haha.. I've used it a few times and I quite liked it. My lil sis loves it more though. She says using this has been part of her daily "me" time in the bathroom XD I can't attest to its whitening effect too, but the skin becomes really soft and smooth.

Lexie Lane said...

I have sensitive skin too but this looks like it could work on me! I love your reviews and all the pictures with each step. Thanks!

Mom-Friday said...

I am very happy with Asian Secrets in terms of it's scrubbing power - and I agree, you need spatula if you will share this jar. My post on Asian Secrets almost 2 years ago is actually one of my most popular on the blog! Madami talagang gusto magpa-puti! :) said...

I use this also, smells very nice. :)

Aya said...

I love this product! (the blue one) It leaves my skin really soft and smooth. As an exfoliant, it's really effective. :)