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I'm A Social Good Mom!

When I went back to blogging some four weeks ago, I discovered a lot of great mommy blogs, met and made friends with a handful of fellow mommy bloggers, and joined several blogging communities. Just as no man is an island, no blogger can survive by his blog alone - which is why networks, communities, and groups are also your means of thriving in the blogosphere.

Last week, I was surprised to receive an email from Jennifer James, founder of the Mom Bloggers Club - one of the networks I'm in. It was about a new group she was forming, and an invitation to be one of the founding members worldwide. Surprised and thrilled to be given such an honor, I didn't even have to think twice about saying 'yes'.

Today, January 10, our group is being formally launched on the web. Known as Mom Bloggers for Social Good, we are a global coalition of mothers who value the importance of non-profit organizations and NGOs. Through our blogs and other social networking sites, we inform the public about the latest advocacy campaigns, projects, and fundraisers of our NGO and non-profit partners. Our group spans across the globe by having members from eleven different countries. And our partners have a wide array of concentration, ranging from children, maternal care, all the way to issues related to the environment.

Mom Bloggers for Social Good is currently 400 strong. Of course, we are most welcome to new members and new partners! The more,  the better! After all, our utmost goal is to create awareness, spark interest, and prompt action to all the pressing social issues worldwide.

Join us as we use our platforms to spread the word and promote social good! By way of words, we can make things happen, and transform the world into a better place to live in.

We are most welcome to interested members, partners, and sponsors. For a more detailed information, and to see how things work, visit Mom Bloggers for Social Good or send a direct email to

Motherhood has only become even more meaningful for me. I hope it does for others, too.


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