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Today's Look | Smouldering Smoky.

I'm surprised I'm even posting this. Because today, of all days, is actually the worst time to do an FOTD post.

My skin was in such a troubled state this morning. I woke up with a patch of red, flaking skin right beneath my nostrils. This usually happens to me when the weather is cold and dry, so I wasn't too surprised about it. But what made things worse were the tiny red spots sitting near the tip of my nose. They were tiny all right, but plenty enough to be visible to the naked eye! I reckon I got these from the pore strips my brother and I tried over the weekend. (It was actually even worse for my brother, who had breakouts around his nose. Damn pore strips!)

Good thing my dilemma wasn't anything my BB cream couldn't handle. Whoever invented this wonder worker is truly a genius. Otherwise, I wouldn't even dare step out of the house, let alone take pictures of myself and post them on the internet.

And so after covering the impurities with a generous amount of BB cream and concealer, I dolled my eyes up with these.

Almay Intense i-Color Trio for Smoky Eyes.
I actually have four different smoky eye palettes, but this one is my most favorite. I love how the colors in this Almay Trio are bold enough to create smouldering eyes, but not too overpowering for daytime wear.

Smoked. :)
Now here's my other smoky eye palette. It's actually a face palette complete with a lip tint and blusher, which I used for today's look. It's a gift from my cousin in London.

The NEXT Look Face Palette.

Just to be clear, I used the blusher only. I'm not too keen about the lip tint because it's too sticky in an ugh sort of way. The first time I tried them on (which also was the last), my lips felt so unbelievably dry and icky. I don't want to touch that again even with a ten-foot pole.

Almay and NEXT.
I used this for my lips instead.

Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Pinkberry.
And now for the final look.

Smoky is love! <3
I have the most hideous eyebags, I know. I'll try to catch up on the zzzs as soon as my Project Lee Jun Ki is finished. (I'm done with Time Between Dog and Wolf and Iljimae, and now halfway through Hero.) Also, I have a bunch of Korean cosmetics coming within this week; let's see how they'll be able to handle the abomination that is my dark undereyes.

As for the rundown, here's what I used today:

Avon Healthy Makeup BB Cream in Light
Avon Ideal Shade Concealer Stick in Almond
Ever Bilena Advance Perfect Eye Concealer in Light
Avon Ideal Luminous Dual Powder Foundation in Shell
Almay Intense iColor in Trio for Smoky Eyes
Ever Bilena Eyebrow Liner in Brown
Avon Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Kohl Royal Selections Eyeliner in Charcoal Gray
Avon Super Curlacious Waterproof Mascara in Black
The NEXT Look Face Palette (Blusher)
Jordana Double Length Lip Liner in Rose
Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Pink Berry

I'll blog about my other smoky eye palettes next time. For now, I have to do something about these nasty dry skin and red blotches on my nose. I love how the weather is nippy and all, but I'm not loving what it's doing to my face! Ugh!

Linking the vanity here and here. :)

18 replies:

Jessica said...

make-up looks pretty on you Sis :-) like the combination. Visiting from Wednesday Whites, followed your GFC and NWB, hope that you can return the favor too.

Aileen said...

Nicely done! I could never really get used to wearing make up. I always have to remind myself not to touch my eyes or bite my lower lip....

Czjai said...

Thanks Jessy!

Visiting your entry now. :)

Czjai said...

Thanks Aileen!

It took me awhile din before I got used to wearing makeup. And when I did, nawili na ako nang bongga. Haha!

Shahz said...

Look pretty... love the color.. from Wednesday whites..

Unknown said...

pretty :) love how you write a post sis!

sana matutunan ko din mag put ng make up hehehe

Czjai said...

Thanks for the visit Shahz!

Czjai said...

Thanks Vhen!

I'm still learning the ropes of beauty blogging, to be honest. My reviews are just very short snippets, unlike the pros who can make very exhaustive posts. :D

cassandrasminicorner said...

Hmmn, sanay na sanay ka mag make up sis ha:) Pwede paturo?

Visiting for Wednesday Whites! Hope you can stop by..

Czjai said...

Hehe, sige ba sis. Next time try ko mag video tutorial. Pag magaling na magaling na talaga ako dito sa kalokohang ito. Hahaha! :D

PL said...

aawwsssss... you're so pretty sis... and the make up?? love it! sana meron akong ganyang! i don't even put on lipstick or lip gloss... anyway, visiting from WW!

here's mine:

Czjai said...

Awww... thanks for the great compliment, Pinx! :)

Emzkie said...

very pretty! i like your lipstick sis, very nice, it look good on you. =)

visiting from WW! Here's my take for this week..
My Beanie Hat
Claytons Creativity Desk

georgia b. said...

i don't think you have eye bags at all! just wait until you are 40, like me. hahahaha. i have to take my photos in just the right light so mine don't look so bad.

i like your shot... and the make-up, too! i always wanted to try a smokey eye on my lids, but i never take the time to do my makeup... sometimes, mascara. maybe i'll be inspired to do so, now.

Czjai said...

Thanks Emz and Georgia! Compliments appreciated. *blushing* Hehe. :)

purethoughts said...

i am so envious of women like you who are so good at putting make up on.. I need some serious, SERIOUS tutorials! hahaha.. you look great, sis!

Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites!!
Visiting as a host and from my entries,
See you again at Wednesday Whites –linky will be up in a few hours!

Shengkay said...

Visiting from WW#35
My White Entry .Have a nice day!

Mel_Cole said...

lovely beauty :) bagay na bagay sayo ang colors sis. visiting from Wednesday Whites.