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Genius at Work.

"Mommy, mag-drawing tayo," (Mommy, let's draw) Yue said to me this morning as soon as we were done having breakfast. I heaved an exasperated sigh. Not that I don't want to help him, it's just that my ability to draw can be described in two words. I suck.

My skills (or the lack thereof) pale in comparison to my brother (who is a graphics designer and web developer) and my sister (who has the knack for designing dresses, such as her wedding gown). Both of them obviously took after my Mum, who could have pursued a career in Fine Arts had my grandfather allowed her to. And that is why my stick figures and I, suck. Har.

Handing over some paper, a box of crayons, a drawing board, and a drawing board marker, I told Yue, "Ikaw muna mag-drawing, ha. Hugas lang ako ng plates natin." (You go ahead and draw while I clean the dishes first.) Not sensing that this was my escape route, he willingly obliged, settled down in his study table, and began to draw.

A few minutes later he came running to the kitchen. "Mommy, ang galing ko mag-drawing!" (Mommy, I'm good at drawing!), he exclaimed. And then he showed me this.

Yue's artwork, 23 January 2012.
One look at his drawing and I knew this kid is really something else. "Wow! Very good! Ginaya mo yung mga alien!" (You copied the aliens!") I said. Yue corrected me matter-of-factly, "Hindi po ah. Ikaw yan, saka si Daddy, saka ako." (Of course not. That's you, and Daddy, and me.) I was so touched and impressed by my son's genius that tears were threatening to well up in my eyes.

Hello, van Gogh! Proudly showing off his artwork.

"Very good ka talaga anak," (You're very good, my son) I said as I ruffled his hair and scooped him up for a big hug. "Syempre Mommy, ang galing ko magdrawing parang ikaw!" (Of course! I'm good at drawing just like you) he beamed. My three-year-old's unintentional sarcasm then sent me into a fit of laughter.

My son's smarts and congeniality has earned him praises several times before. Most of them even come from strangers, or random people that we meet while we're out in public (ie, at the mall or at the doctor's clinic). A friend even encouraged me to have his IQ tested and measured because he thinks Yue is really a genius. I didn't take it seriously, but this drawing is now giving me the thought. Especially after I found these.

Must speak with Yue's pedia soon. :)

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HotSavinMama.Com said...

That's great! Love the drawing! New follower from tattletale hop. I would love to have you as a follower to. also my other blog is:

Dhemz said...

awwwwwww...super cute!

thanks for dropping by @

Czjai said...

Thanks Dhemz! :)

Czjai said...

Thanks HotSavinMama!

I've been a follower of both blogs for awhile now. ;)

Anne @ Green Eggs and Moms said...

Yeah have him tested! If you do, I'll ask you where you had it done so I can do the same for my kiddo. :)

Czjai said...

Hi Anne!

Will update you once I have. :D