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New Year Greetings and Love from Lee Jun Ki!

With his comeback drawing near, Lee Jun Ki made his presence felt by posting his New Year greetings on his homepage. "Receive a lot of luck in the New Year" was the message he wrote in 24 different languages. But instead of using his recent picture, he attached this instead:

Photo credit: start006

Little Jun Ki wearing the traditional Hanbok! His charm was imminent even at an early age.

And as if his this was not enough to run giddy shivers down my spine, I came across this video that made my shriek in delight.

I couldn't stop smiling after seeing this. Thank goodness my husband is not around, haha! This giddiness would make him turn green, but of course he wouldn't admit he's jealous over a Hallyu star, lol.

Be still my heart, it will not be long now. February 16 is barely a month away. 

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Same goes for you, my kkonminam! :)

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