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The Hiatus has Ended.

Writing has been, and always will be, an integral part of my life. To be able to perpetuate my thoughts, be it with a pen and paper or a QWERTY keyboard has been part and parcel of what I am. This hobby - if I may call it - dates back to my grade school days, when owning one of those Lisa Frank diaries and writing about your crush was the coolest thing to do. LOL.

Years later, with the advent of computers and social media, I went with the flow and became a blogger as well. I started blogging in 2005, and LiveJournal served as my haven. I used to blog religiously, on a daily basis at the very least. Until these two boys came along.

Married in 2008 to my boyfriend of five years, I gave birth that same year to this adorable Moon Angel who is a chibi replica of his father. After my husband left to seek greener pastures in the land of bibimbap and Super Junior, I became a stay-at-home Mom, and devoted all of my time and energy to our son. I don't have a yaya, I don't live with my parents nor with my in-laws, so imagine the feat of taking care of a child and doing all the household chores on my own. As such, I had to give up a few things, one of which was blogging. 

Fast forward to 2011, this is my Moon Angel now - a very active, bright, and bubbly three year old who now lets me get my household chores done while he watches the telly, flips through his books, plays with his toys, or tinkers with my iPad. I can even squeeze some internet time in between! 

And with that, I am now officially ending my two-year hiatus. The blogosphere's prodigal daughter is back - now happily married, and with an adorable kid in tow. Welcome me back, beeshes! :D

6 replies:

May said...

Uhmm, hello and weebee I guess? Just pullin' yur leg, Czjai :D. I love how you play with words! That puts you in my to-visit blogs (you know, the ones that don't have to be in a meme or comment exchange to get me to visit.) ~ No offense to memes huh yeeeks, I host one myself! And I found a lot of great blogs through memes.

Anyway, I love this post because it's a lot like my life. Been hiding a diary since I was 10, eventually discovered blogging and started off with blogger, married my BF of 7 years, had to lay low blogging, had kids, lived life.

I cannot imagine handling my kids and a household all by myself though and I think admire those who can. Our yaya is my sanity savers! Good thing I'm lucky in that department, my eldest is going on 7... and yaya marks her 7th year with us too.

Hah-and-some little boy! A smile like that... goodness, the hearts he'll be breaking one day.

Novela ba? Ayoko na nga! :D

Czjai said...

Hi May! Super thanks for the compliment! Actually, I discovered most of the memes on my sidebar by bloghopping from yours. Really grateful for that. :)

You're lucky with your yayas. It's not easy to find trustworthy yayas these days. Especially for me who has trust issues. LOL.

Haaay, my son... don't grow up too fast. Baka marami akong masabunutang babae na aaligid dyan. Haha! ;)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

two years hiatus wow, that was a long long hiatus and you came back with a stylish bubbly kiddo.

euphoricgirl said...

cute kiddo you got there! i can relate to being a SAHM, only i've got two kids! weeee!

thanks for joining kids' style. sa sunod ulit ha? :) btw, don't forget to link to or post our badge meme. please. :)

happy caity

Czjai said...

Hi Shei!
Yeah, two years was way too long. I'm glad I got my writing mojo back. Haha! :D

Czjai said...

Hi Caity!

Thanks for stopping by! Forgot to post the badge on this entry. My bad. But look, you're on my sidebar! Hehe. ;)