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Organic Goodness, and Human (Heart) Nature.

Two years ago, in my quest to find the perfect mosquito repellent for my little one, I came across this cute little logo in a local advertising magazine.

I was immediately drawn to its tagline - 100% No harmful chemicals. As a mother who prioritizes her child's health and safety, this really caught my attention. I looked it up online, and a few Google searches after, I found this - organic products at its finest.

Their wide array of products really impressed me. One look at that Citronella Bug Spray and I was totally sold.  But beyond that, it was their three core principles of being Pro-Poor, Pro-Environment, and Pro-Philippines that struck a chord in me. It was an advocacy that I gleefully and willingly embraced.

From there, I became a Human Nature dealer - selling the goods online (via my Multiply store) and offline (to relatives, friends, our family doctors) as well. At the same time, I ditched my chemical-laden bath essentials and  skincare products and went totally organic. 

To date, I'm still a proud Human Nature dealer. Not as active as I used to be (my sales achievements were once very important to me, especially during month-end), but still a stalwart advocate of organic products. I can proudly say that at least 80% of the stuff that we're using at home are free of disease-causing chemicals.

Earlier today, I finally had the chance to visit the Human Nature branch in our area. I've been meaning to drop by since last week, but the erratic weather (and my malady) deterred me from doing so. I'm glad today's weather, albeit blustery, was pretty good.

Good enough to go out and go hoarding for organic goodies. Take a look at what Yue and I took home today.
Clockwise from L-R: Moisturizing Shampoo 200 mL, Moisturizing Conditioner 200 mL, Citronella Bug Spray 100 mL, Tangerine Kids Shampoo & Body Wash 50 mL, Sunflower Beauty Oil 50 mL.
These are bath and body staples in my home. The moment I sense that I'm running low on any of these, I scurry to our Human Nature branch right away.

Now this is my wonder worker. 

Beauty in a (little) bottle.

I use this primarily for my undereyes - to lighten the dark circles around it (perhaps from watching one too many Kdramas), and as a moisturizer . I've tried it on my stretchmarks, and on my knees and elbows as well. It works as a makeup remover, too. And an excellent one at that! Even my waterproof mascara is no match for this; I am amazed at how thorough it can be when it comes to wiping all that gunk off your face.

The best part about today's haul was the presents we got from Ms. Elaine. She's the owner of HN's Laguna branch, and one of my good friends in this side of the planet

Plantex Organic Detergent Powder. (Perfect for  Laundry Day!)
Both Yue and I received one, complete with a gift tag and a gold ribbon tied around it.

Enrico and Kayley are Ms. Elaine's kids. :)
This Angry Bird fan is one happy camper.

Happiness spelled all over the little man's face. 

And once again, Human Nature delivered 'only the good' - in more ways than one. Thank you for the gifts Ms. Elaine! :)

I'm planning on getting some make-up for my next haul. I really want to try the mineral lip gloss, seeing how I'm almost out of it, too. Hopefully by then, there'll be a new magalogue, and (fingers crossed) new items in the makeup section. (Do I hear a BB cream in the works?) Hopefully. :)

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Aileen said...

That reminds me to check out on the website. It's been a while, and I guess they have new products since the last time I checked. :-)