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The Chronicles of a Super Junior Fangirl.

I've been bitten by the Hallyu bug. And its after effects are now showing. Dark undereye circles (from staying up late watching Kdrama DVDs), shortness of breath (from gushing too much at the sight of idol stars), and incomprehensible jargon (I can now speak and understand basic conversational Hangul) - all these have manifested on me. My chingus tell me it's a disease that has no cure. And true enough, it only got worst when I came to know about the best male group ever - Super Junior.

Four months ago, I chanced upon their Bonamana MV and Mr. Simple album launch while watching Arirang's Showbiz Korea segment. One look at Park Jungsu's dimple, Choi Siwon's sheepish smile, their amazing dance moves, and I was smitten. Hopelessly smitten.

Not content with just watching YouTube videos and mp3 downloads, I vowed to have all of their albums (subgroups excluded) before the year ends. Like a woman possessed, I scoured endlessly one online store after another. I even enlisted my husband to the cause, much to his chagrin. And with a fangirl's fierce determination, I was able to accomplish this goal just in time for my birthday.

From '05 to 5Jib - all three versions of them! I had the most difficulty with the second album, Don't Don. The CD + DVD version is such a rare find these days; even YesAsia had been very apologetic to me about not being able to provide me a copy even after two months of waiting. In the end, I was lucky enough to find one via Facebook.

To date, I have these titles sitting on my CD shelf. (Mr. Simple version A not included in this photo. You wouldn't be able to see the title from the side, anyway.)

The bottom most album, Victory Korea, is my most precious one. Not only is it my very first Super Junior album, but also because it's their single and Korea's theme song for the 2010 World Cup. You all know I'm a footballer, too. 

Yue has a favorite album as well. It's SJ-Trot's Rokkugo - their only album, and my only sub-group album. 

This went on sale at YesAsia for $5.99 from its original price of $16.99. Imagine my excitement when I saw the word 'sale'. LOL. 

At the moment, I'm eyeing the 2012 Diary and the SuperShow 3 DVD package. It's a good thing I can use my OC tendencies (I can't live without a planner) as an excuse to buy that diary. As for the SuperShow 3, well, there's just no excuse. You just have to have one. And I'm sure my fellow ELFs will all agree. 

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