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Pink Fridays # 97. Maggie's Pink Cake!

It's not Friday today, I know. But since I really, really want to share this photo, plus the fact that I want to join in the fun that they're having at Pink Thoughts, I decided to make this entry anyway. Think of it as a slightly late post for last Friday.

Tickled pink! This is my niece Maggie's Christening cake - a little gift from the three of us (that's me, my husband, and our Moon Angel). And yes, you can eat the picture. I don't want to slice through the cake, though. That adorable little face is just way too cute to be eaten!

It's Friday! Think Pink!

7 replies:

Unknown said...

awww this is one unique cake, instead of cartoon characters you put her face on the cake, belated happy birthday to your niece maggie

Visiting from Pink Friday


Anonymous said...

I bet the cake tastes so yummy too!
Wanna try to have that one soon! (Photo cake)..

Droppin' by from PF

Czjai said...

Hi Shydub! Thanks! My brother absolutely adores this picture of his daughter because this shot really shows how much they look alike. Haha! :)

Czjai said...

Hi Grasyah! Yes, the cake itself is really yummy. The thing about photo cakes though, is that you'd feel regretful slicing through the picture. Especially with that look on my niece's face. :)

RUBY Caberte said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RUBY Caberte said...

Sorry I have to delete the comment. I haven't finished then I accidentally posted it.

Just wanna say that the cake is so cute. And yes, the picture of your niece is too cute to be eaten.

Thanks for joining Pink Fridays! <3

Czjai said...

It took us a while to finish that cake, pondering on how to slice it off without 'hurting' Maggie.

Thanks Mommy Rubz! :D