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Turning 30: A Super Birthday!

I just turned thirty yesterday, and becoming a year older sure has its perks.

Like getting the sweetest kisses from my little man. He sure was overly affectionate yesterday. I love it when he's all malambing like that. It's a trait he inherited obviously from his Dad. :)

Oh, and there's my husband, too. He couldn't physically be here, of course. But he did send me a very sweet text message sometime after midnight. After eight years of being together (three of those officially as his wife), the kilig factor is still there. It always had been. :)

And for someone who would get jealous - sometimes even furious - over my professed love for the best boy group in the world, my husband got me these presents. (Thanks, Daddy! You're the bestest best husband in the universe. :D)

More additions to my Super Junior collection! That's '05 (the first album), Rokkugo (SJ-T's first album), and A-Cha (the repackaged version of their 5th album). 

Now wait 'til you see my birthday cake. Birthday cupcakes, actually.

They're the most sumptuous cupcakes I have tasted by far. These are chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing and star sprinkles, personalized especially for me by Sophia's Cupcakes. They make the most awesome carrot cupcakes, too. I never really ate carrot cupcakes until I tasted the ones made by Sophia's. Hence, I'm taking this chance to thank Tita Emily and everyone at Sophia's Cupcakes for making my birthday even more special. Thank you, thank you, thank you po! :)

Special mention to my Mum, too, who hammed it up for the camera. I didn't even ask her to do that hand sign. LOL.

This is one of the rare instances when she's home for my birthday. She's a cardiac nurse in London, and she gets to come home twice a year at the very least. But sometimes her work schedules go on a haywire and her annual vacations do not always fall during the Christmas season. I'm glad she's here this time.

Many thanks also to the rest of my family, my high school barkada, my college orgmates, my work colleagues, my Facebook friends, and of course, my Nappeun Yeojas, fellow Henecians, and fellow ELFs for remembering my birthday. I am overwhelmed by all the love! ;)

Thank you for making my 30th a Super Birthday. Getting old has never been this wonderful! 

PS... I'm still accepting gifts. Haha! :D

6 replies:

Jessica said...

Happy birthday Sis, what a sweet kiss from your little man, what a sweet husband too. I am sure it is great to be spoiled once in awhile. Dropping some love for FTf, hope that you can return the favor too.

Czjai said...

Yes sis, after all birthdays come but once a year.
Thanks for dropping by! Add me up in GFC if you wish. :D

PL said...

Happy Birthday! it's so obvious that you love him! that one on your sidebar o! ehehehe... love your birthday cupcakes! was here for YS!

Czjai said...

Hi Hazel!

I placed that at the bottom para hindi masyadong obvious. Hahaha! :D

Now following you via GFC :)

Jessica said...

Happy birthday Mommy :-) am sure those kisses are delish, great foods, looks delish too :-) Dropping some late love for YS, hope that you can return the favor too.

Czjai said...

Thanks Jess!
Saw the shakes on your site... keep us posted of the progress! ;)