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Mommy Moments: Buh-Bye Bottle!

For the past few months, I had been trying to wean my little man out of his feeding bottle. While he can very well drink from cups or glasses, he still prefers to drink his milk from his bottle, especially before bedtime. My attempts to wean him out had been quite unsuccessful. That is, until last week.

A few nights ago, Yue had an accident while playing in the living room. This kid loves jumping up and down on the couch, and on that particular night, this act of horsing around led him to mishap. He leaped up and lost his balance while going down. Then his right foot slipped off the couch, causing him to land on the floor. And with a big thud, his face hit the wooden chair sitting adjacent to the couch. 

Imagine my horror when I saw blood streaming from my little man's mouth! In all my pambahay glory, my sister, her fiance', and I rushed Yue to the nearest hospital. I was so terrified that he might have to be stitched, but the ER doctor said it was not necessary. She treated the wound on Yue's lips and removed the lump of blood that stuck on his upper teeth. At first, I thought these were his gums bursting open. It's a good thing I thought wrong. But most of all, I was grateful that it were just busted lips and bruised upper gums - no injuries on the head, whatsoever.

Having sore gums and painful lips made it difficult, albeit painful, for Yue to eat and chew properly for the first two days after the accident. The pain also deterred him from drinking with his feeding bottle; the only way he could drink was to use a straw and sip from the side of his mouth.

As of today, the wound on his gums and lips have completely healed. If there's one good thing that resulted from the accident, it's the fact that Yue has given up on his feeding bottles completely. He saw me store the bottles inside a cabinet without objection. He doesn't even look for them or even attempt to find them. He even proudly brags, "No more milk sa dede. Kasi big boy na ako!"

Truly enough, there is always sunshine after the rain. 
I hope I can be completely successful in potty training him and weaning him out of his diapers without meeting another accident along the way.

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