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Mommy Moments: Never Too Early for Books

Books constitute a great part of my childhood. Coming from a clan of teachers and nurses, I grew up surrounded by all sorts of books. As such, I learned how to read at a very early age. My grandmum says I was about three years old at that time - just about the same age now as my son.

Back then, each time my grandparents or my parents would ask what reward I would like to receive for doing good at school, I would most likely ask for a new book. And unlike my siblings who enjoyed playing outside with the other kids, I would much rather stay at home and read.

This love for books is one thing that I would like to pass down to my son. In this day and age where kids are enamored by all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, I want my son to be able to appreciate good books and find pleasure in reading as well.

I started reading to Yue before he was even born. Along with making him listen to the classics, Sting, and U2, I would read aloud stories by the Brothers Grimm, Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince to my bulging tummy. I continue reading to him up to this day. This time, we read together.

Even now, I have tons of books at home. The age-appropriate ones I make accessible for Yue, so that he can flip through their pages anytime he pleases. These two books are his favorite at the moment.

And it doesn't come as a surprise because these two books are really fun to read. Peppa Pig, for instance, has character magnets which you can stick anywhere inside the book. Not only does it make reading more enjoyable, it also helps in stimulating the creativity of your child. 

Secret Santa, meanwhile, is a pop-up book perfect for this season. Each spread contains a child's letter to Santa, along with Santa's response to the child. 

And of course there's the colorful illustrations that come to life at the turn of each page. I've always loved these pop-up books. They're amazingly engineered, if I may say.

While Yue may not be able to read as early as I did, I'm glad that he has already developed a fascination for books. Sure, Kindle readers are sleek and compact, but for me, nothing beats holding a real book. One of these days, I hope my son will be able to read the books that I keep on my shelf. 

That's planting the tree of knowledge, and sowing the seeds of love. :)

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8 replies:

MJ Rodriguez said...

I totally agree with you, mommy. books are really essential in a child's life, especially when they are growing up. they give them imagination and courage to dream that nothing is impossible.

visting for MM.

Czjai said...

thanks for stopping by MJ!

yeah, books are brain food. i don't want my son to be deprived in that aspect. ;)

Tetcha said...

Your son is really lucky to have a mom who knows the value of reading to her child. I'm sure your son will appreciate your effort, patience and love when he is old enough to understand all that you're doing for him. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

Czjai said...

Hi Tetcha!

I had the luxury of books and bedtime stories when I was a kid. I'm grateful to my parents and grandparents who did that for me when I was young.

Now I'm paying it forward to my son. :)

Icar said...

mars alm mo ba favorite (ko at ni) CEana si Peppa Pig!para syang kinikilig when she hears Peppa's voice...

Chris said...

i couldn't agree more! whenever I can, I bring the kids to the bookstore and we get a new book at least once a month! :) I am super glad they love reading! :D

thanks for linking with us at Mommy Moments!

Czjai said...

Huwaw! Alam mo bang kaya ko lang nakilala si Peppa Pig ay dahil kay Mama? Pasalubong yan ni Mama nung last pa nyang uwi. Lately ko lang nilabas kasi before may limited life span ang gamit kay Yue.

Ngayon maalaga na sya sa stuff nya kaya ang dami ko ngayong nilabas na books and toys. :)

Czjai said...

Hi Chris!
Glad to know your kids love books, too. There's something about the scent of new books that never fails to enthrall me. :)