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Suesh + Kiss & Makeup Holiday Giveaway: I Want!

Homayfrikkingawd. I saw this awesome contest giveaway by chance, and my jaw dropped in awe when I saw the fabulous prizes at stake. It's every makeup junkie's dream!

That, my friends, is a Suesh Portable 3-way LED Lighted Mirror. It's worth Php 8000 or approximately US$190. I can just imagine how much easier my life would be if I had this. I can just stay in the comforts of my bedroom without having to go all the way to our well-lighted dining area just to work on my eyebrows. LOL.

On top of that, there's also the Suesh 7-piece Brush Set (valued at Php2,400 or more or less US$55) and a purple Suesh color palette (yes, I'm a sucker for anything pink and purple)!

Now, tell me if these goodies won't make you go homayfrikkingawd. And if not, I suggest you do a little vanity check. After all, Christmas is the time to be all dolled-up and prettified. ;)

This holiday giveaway runs until the 22nd of December only. Visit this pretty mommy's site for more details.

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