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Seoul Searching | Doota Duty Free + Descendants of the Sun Hall.

Last year, during our first ever trip to South Korea, I had the chance to explore Dongdaemun by my lonesome and enjoy its sights and sounds, its food stalls, and the shopping experience. I made a resolve to take the boys along the next time we visit Seoul, and the plan finally materialized last spring - on a Saturday night when the husband got off work early. And by early, I mean 10 pm.
Off to Dongdaemun!
In the Philippines, most shopping malls operate until 9 or 10 pm. In Dongdaemun, the number of shoppers usually increase during these hours, making the area one of the busiest and most crowded at night.
Weaving through the crowd.
My son was amazed at how many people were still up and about, strolling and shopping, when it's already way past his bedtime. Haha!
Still abuzz even when it's almost midnight!
I, on the other hand, was amazed by Doota's new look. Or should I say, enthralled by its new poster boy? :)
Making our way to Doota.
Apparently, Doota Duty Free - the first 'overnight' duty free store in Korea (because it operates until 2 am) - opened the day prior to our visit, and its endorser is no other than the hottest, most popular Hallyu star of 2016 - Song Joong Ki.
When you see it. :)
More of Doota Duty Free (and Song Joong Ki) after the jump!
The last time I visited Dongdaemun, the Doosan Tower had an art installation featuring the works of Spanish artist Eva Armisen. With the opening of its duty free store, the Doosan Tower takes on a totally new, very upscale look.
Very ritzy-looking facade.
The boys pause for a photo-op.
Doota's official mascot, the owl!
Basement entrance.
And just when I thought I had seen enough of Song Joong Ki during our trip, with his standees and posters all over Seoul, here comes Doosan Duty Free with an entire floor dedicated to him and his record-breaking drama, Descendants of the Sun.
More Song Joong Ki!
Aptly named 'Descendants of the Sun Hall', the entire third floor pays homage to Song Joong Ki's phenomenally popular drama. Inside the hall are vividly re-created sets from the drama, which allows visitors a photo-shoot experience in thematic photo-zones, as well as a chance to buy souvenirs and merchandise.
We meet again, Captain Yoo Si Jin.
One of the most unforgettable scenes in the drama.
Oh, Captain! My Captain!
Waiting for Song Hye Kyo, perhaps?
If only I could bring this home. Haha!
I was pleasantly surprised by the existence of this DOTS Hall; I had no idea there was such a place inside the Doosan Tower, but my husband begs to differ. He kept on teasing me that I knew about this all along, and feigned innocence just so I could drag him and Yue to Doosan Tower. Haha!
The mess hall.
The dining space in Dr. Kang's apartment.
The Medi Cube.
But my husband gamely posed for photos nonetheless, and so did my son. 
Kang Mo Yeon's apartment.
Big Joong Ki and little Joong Ki.
Listening to the drama's soundtrack.
Kang Mo Yeon feels.
The look-alikes.
A pair of seemingly Singaporean tourists volunteered to take a photo of us three. In return, I took a photo of them, too.
Team Red. :)
After that not-so-brief tour of the hall, we headed towards the Basement of Doota, where the sportswear brands are located. I actually wanted to check out the goods inside the duty free store, but the boys begged me to not set foot inside the cosmetics section. Haha! In the end, I was not able to buy anything for myself, while Yue bought himself a shirt from the Line Friends store.
He did not want me to go shopping so he could go shopping. Lol!
Doota Duty Free has 10 floors in total, including a K-Culture Hall which features traditional Korean items. Some of the floors were still unopened when we visited; I reckon these floors are now operational, which gives me a reason to go back to Doota Duty Free. Yep, next month. I definitely will. :)
Doota Duty Free floor guide.

6 replies:

Xon said...

This post makes me want to go to Korea! That Doota Duty Free sounds like my kind of place! I didn't realize how popular Descendants of the Sun is!

Sandy N Vyjay said...

I can see that you had a great time. It is great that the place is open till 2AM. One can go there after a days work during weekdays as well. So no need to wait till the weekend :)

Divya @ EatTeachBlog said...

I've never traveled to Korea before, but looks like it'd be quite the experience! Your son is adorable :)

Unknown said...

How awesome that there's a place to shop at night! That's really convenient especially when you're out touring all day and you barely have time to shop!

mail4rosey said...

Hurrah for duty free and hot sponsors. ;) Hurrah too for cutie pies (such as can be seen in front of the owl) who like to shop with us. :)

Lisa RIos said...

I have heard a lot about Seoul and Dongdaemun sounds like a wonderful place to visit. The pictures are amazing and it sounds like you had an wonderful experience with your husband & son.