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Sneak Peek | Laneige Milkyway Fantasy Holiday Collection.

With Christmas barely a month away, more and more cosmetics brands have begun to unveil their holiday collections, most of which have been released in stores just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not to be outdone, Korean beauty brand Laneige has also launched its holiday collection, and this has got to be the brand's prettiest limited edition line thus far.
Laneige Milkyway Fantasy Collection.
Released earlier this month, the Milkyway Fantasy Collection reflects the beauty of the enchanting universe in its sparkling packaging. With dots of twinkling stars set against the background of the night sky, this capsule range mirrors the 'sparkling beauty' for Laneige has been known for.
For that sparkling beauty.
Revel in the fantasy after the jump!

Garbed in a new packaging, the Two Tone Lip Bar introduces new two limited edition shades - 01 Bloody Dress and 02 Mystic Rose - perfect for this festive season. 
Laneige Milkyway Fantasy Two Tone Lip Bar.
Laneige's most popular lip product, the Two Tone Lip Bar features a combination of high gloss and semi-matte lipstick, which creates a lovely, voluminous effect on your lips. These limited edition lippies are also formulated with a sparkling pure pigment to reflect light to let you achieve that natural ombre look effortlessly.
Similarly, the Two Tone Shadow Bar also has two new limited edition shades available - 01 Milkyway Burgundy and 02 Smoky Dust.
Laneige Milkyway Fantasy Two Tone Shadow Bar.
Designed to fit the contours of the lids, this unique eye product is formulated with delicate satin pearl on the point colour, and shimmer lighting pearl on the base colour. It also contains aloe vera powder and vitamin E plant derivatives to moisturize and brighten the eye area.
My all-time favorite product from Laneige - the Water Sleeping Mask - is also included in the Milkyway Fantasy Holiday Collection and now comes in a special edition, jumbo sized 100 mL jar.
Milkyway Fantasy Water Sleeping Mask.
A staple in my skincare regimen, the Water Sleeping Mask is specially formulated with Sleeptox™ technology to restore the skin to its optimal condition overnight, and the Moisture Wrap™ technology to help improve skin moisture.
Milkyway Fantasy Basic Duo Set (Moisture).
Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture (200 mL),
Essential Balancing Emulsion Moisture (120 mL),
Water Sleeping Mask (15 mL),
Water Bank Essence_EX (10 mL)
Water Bank Moisture Cream (10 mL).
Now together with the festive mood of the holiday season comes the moisture-zapping weather conditions which can lead to dry, flaky, patchy skin. Enter the limited edition Milkyway Fantasy Basic Duo Set to care for your skin and keep it soft and moisturized even in sub-zero temperature.

The set comes with mini essentials that are perfect for traveling (ehem!), and is housed in a lovely box perfect for gift-giving.
Milkyway Fantasy BB Cushion_Whitening.
To complete the collection, we have the Milkyway Fantasy Whitening BB Cushion housed in a gorgeous rose pink case with a sophisticated print of the starry galaxy. This product is sold as a single cushion (no refills included), and is available in three shades - Ivory, Beige, and Sand.
Single cushion only.
The Milkyway Fantasy Holiday Collection is now available at Laneige stores in South Korea; no news yet as to when these will be released in the Philippines.

Can't wait to get your hands on this collection? Pre-order yours at Seoul Shopper, owned by yours truly. I will be spending the holidays in South Korea, and will be personally shopping for makeup, cosmetics, and even Kpop merchandise. Yep, I sell only the authentic stuff. :)

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Unknown said...

Everything looks great! I love the two toned lippies, they're a nice change to the usual lipsticks that we have in the market.

Sakuranko said...

Oh I really like this collection~