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Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Review.

Chapped Lips 101.
With the winter season fast approaching, you may be concerned about the welfare of your lips. You're likely mentally preparing for cracked, dry lips during the cold weather, but the good news is this can be prevented if you start using the right product now. Forget all the brands you once knew and loved, such as Chapstick or Blistex. Those companies are packed with chemicals, smell awful and can be costly. EOS, or Evolution of Smooth is a brand of lip balm that not only works wonderfully, but comes in a variety of flavors at a friendly cost. You will absolutely love what EOS has to offer.
eos Alice in Wonderland. :)
Meet Evolution of Smooth.
EOS is a natural product that includes various ingredients that are beneficial to the health of your lips. You will find super moisturizing shea butter, vitamins B and E, along with natural conditioning oils and antioxidants. These ingredients will help to ensure smooth, soft lips in no time at all. What could possibly be better than using an all natural product in aiding your cracked, dry lips? Well, the cost, of course! These little spherical lip balms cost only three dollars on average, which is less than most medicated ones from other brands. You can find Evolution of Smooth products at many different stores including, Target, Wal-Mart and Ulta. You can find them online at retailers like Amazon as well. Finding these little spheres of effective balm is easy and affordable!

The Many Faces Of EOS.
Evolution of Smooth comes in a huge variety of different flavors. Though all are delicious in there own way, it's nice to have so many options. For example, they have passion fruit, strawberry sorbet and blueberry acai. Those are just a few of their most popular lip balms. But, be on the lookout during holidays throughout the year for special edition flavors such as winter berry, during the Christmas season. The variety of flavors is a great step up from other lip products, as you won't find such a selection with them.

Why You Should Choose EOS.
Choosing Evolution of Smooth lip products is a no-brainer! Not only are the products dermatologist tested and gluten free, but they are animal cruelty free and hypoallergenic. These lip balms are suitable for anyone and everyone! You will be thrilled to know that EOS has expanded their collection to add shaving cream, hand lotion and body lotion as well. All of their products are natural, everyday products that you will absolutely fall in love with the moment you try them!

6 replies:

Unknown said...

Those lip balm pots look like mini easter eggs, too cute. I bet they smell awesome too! :)
Julie Syl

Sandy N Vyjay said...

Approaching winter is the signal for chapped and cracked lips, this seems to be a good solution to battle this problem.

Unknown said...

oh Wow! I've never tried this lip balm before but I know it's really popular.

Xon said...

I didn't know that EOS is cruelty free. That's good to know! They're pretty popular these days and there's no denying why!

Unknown said...

This balm is one of the best out there and i also love their scents! I really like the design as well.

Rebecca Swenor said...

Evolution of Smooth lip products are indeed perfect for winter months for our lips. I love the different favors of the EOS products and they last for a very long time too. Thanks for sharing this awesome product.