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Swimming with the Royal Dolphins.

With school out and long days to fill, summer is the perfect time to engage kids in fun, educational activities. And because I don't want my son to spend the entire school break playing video games and watching the telly, I signed him up to several workshops that will keep him busy and active all summer long.

First on the agenda is the Learn to Swim program. Facilitated by the Lake City Swimming Club (also known as the Royal Dolphins), this 10-day program is divided into three classes - Toddler, for kids age 6 and under; Basic for kids age 7 and above; and Advance for kids age 7 and above. The fee for all three classes cost Php 1,700 each.
Warming up before the swim.
Eager beaver!
Take the plunge, and see more of our swim class photos! :)

The Toddler class, where my little man belonged, is designed to introduce young children to the water, build their water confidence, and equip them with basic aqua-locomotive skills.
Learning how to kick.
Leaning how to kick.
These skills include safe entries and exits, breathing, streamlining, floating and sculling, swimming and paddling.
Swimming with a noodle.
Smile, baby!
Jumping, jumping into the water!
Diving with Coach Raymond.
And to celebrate the completion of the 10-day program, the kids had a 'Fun Day', where they had the chance to swim the members of the Lake City Swimming Club and watch the Royal Dolphins as they displayed their skills in the water.

Swimming with the Dolphins!
My little Marine Boy. :)
No more noodle! :)
Someone's got a crush, haha!
Swimming by his lonesome.
With cousin Lei. :)
The kids were also awarded with certificates for completing their respective swimming courses.
Photo op with the coaches.
Awarding of certificates.
Proud Mommy to this boy!
Happy swimmer! :)
The little man had so much fun with the program, and he's decided to join the next batch again. Who knows, I may really have a Park Tae Hwan in the making. :) 

Thank you Coach Jayvee, Coach Raymond, Coach Ed, Coach Paolo, Kuya Arvi, and Ate Shane for the lessons you taught my little man, and for ensuring his safety in the pool! Looking forward to swimming with you again! :)

To know more about the Learn to Swim Program, add the Royal Dolphins on Facebook or visit their official page on the STASA (Southern Tagalog Amateur Swimming Association) website.

Lake City Swimming Club
San Pablo Central School Compound, San Pablo City
(049) 561 1935 / (0905) 556 7330

13 replies:

kumiko mae said...

Aww your little boy is always so cute and cheerful!

ReviewsSheRote said...

a great skill to teach your child...My kids both took classes too and LIVE in the water all summer. Your son has a great smile for a job well done =D

Unknown said...

Sounds familiar :) With 3 boys..we had our journey with the swimming lessons. So happy and proud of your little man :)

mail4rosey said...

Your camera is taking such great, bright colored photos!

Congrats to him on his achievement, and on going back for the next batch too! This is something we have to do this year, no matter what.

Unknown said...

This NOW looks fun, since I am finally getting over the fear of swimming. I love that you are getting them started early and that you have the support of coaches and the fun of dolphins :) Way to go!

Unknown said...

Looks like your son had a great time and learned a lot. I have to search a swimming class for my daughter too.

Animetric said...

That's a VERY good price. I signed up my kids for Milo Sports Clinic's swimming lessons and 10 sessions cost P4k per child.

Onegutsymom said...

This looked really fun! I bet your boy enjoyed it much with fellow students.

Czjai said...

Hi Ro! Ang mahal na nga ng rates ng Milo ngayon, no? I was talking to my pedia a few days ago and she was telling me that basketball clinics now cost almost 6k! Mygaaaad!

Yette said...

Your little boy is so cute! I wish I was enrolled in a swimming class when I was a kid. said...

Ang mura nung fees ha! Next year I'm planning to enroll Sofie sa swimming lessons, I think she'll be old enough to be able to handle such workshop :)

Mitch said...

Way to go little boy, all smiles!

Unknown said...

aw...such cute pictures. Swimming lessons have been a must over here and at one time or another all six of ours would have lessons. There was one year where I had four of them going at different times and I practically LIVED at the YMCA for two months...but all the kids are fish and love the water :)