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Spotlight | CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil.

I've been meaning to post this review earlier, but the past few days had been too crazy for me to get any writing done. There was the little man's school activities, the Big Bang Alive Tour Manila leg, then alas, the little man got sick and we had to stay at the hospital for almost four days! We were discharged last Sunday, and now this blog is back to regular programming.

A few weeks back, I did a review of the StemCello EMortal Revitalizing Vitamin C Serumwhich was sent to me by Korea Cosmetics (KC). This product, the CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil, was also included in that package from KC.

A product of Lamy Cosmetics, the CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil is a retractable and refillable eyebrow tool. It comes in a distinct triangular shape, which allows you to line your eyebrows and fill them in at the same time.
The pencil itself, plus a refill!
The CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil comes in two variants - 01 or Gray Brown, and 02 or Black Brown. The Gray Brown is suitable for those with brown hair, while the Black Brown for those with black or dark hair. Ironically, I received the latter.
Use the triangular pencil tip to draw and define the eyebrows.
Use the broader surface to fill in lighter parts for natural-looking eyebrows.
I dye my hair brown so I normally use light to medium brown eyebrow pencils. The CatalinaGeo's Black Brown variant is a tad darker than the ones I use, but the color is good enough when you're aiming for a more natural, no makeup look.
Three swipes on the left, one swipe on the right.
The pencil comes with a spoolie on the other end, which you can use to shape your brows and even out the color.

My eyebrows are my Achilles heel when it comes to doing my makeup. I'm still a noob when it comes to creating perfectly-arched brows, lol.

The taming of the shrew? :)
Now watch the product do its thing on my sparse and untamed eyebrows.

What I love: 
- Chic and classy packaging.
- Refillable, and comes with a refill.
- Comes with a spoolie.
- Easy to apply.
- Pencil itself is durable and does not break easily.
- Excellent staying power - eight hours max in my case. 

What you might not like:
- Not available locally.
- It's priced at $24 (roughly Php900 or 26,000 KRW) BUT considering that you get an extra refill per box, the price isn't so bad at all.

The CatalinaGeo Auto Eyebrow Pencil, along with other CatalinaGeo products are available online through Korea Cosmetics. Like them on Facebook to get the latest updates on your favorite Korean cosmetics and beauty products!

11 replies:

Unknown said...

I used to pencil in my eyebrows, but don't anymore. I think it's one of those you can't pull off as well, and can overdo when you get older. You know when you see those older women with super dark-penciled eyebrows, and they have grey-blonde hair?

mommygiay said...

I am not familiar with this brand but I was fascinated that it comes with a spoolie that makes the job of shaping eyebrows bit easier and fast. One more, yeah! its pricey. said...

You have really nice eyebrows, I like the spoolie also. I spent to much time in the 90's plucking most of my eyebrows. Thank goodness they grew back!

Faith Roxas said...

first time that I've seen this brand..pretty pricey! im gonna check it out..great review sis!


Dominique Goh said...

That's a really cool product. Haven't seen it in the shops over here .

Lizzie said...

This looks promising. I've been looking for what seems like forever for the perfect brow pencil! Good thing i'm going back to Southeast Asia. I'll have access once again to Korean/Jap cosmetics. :)

CrescentFire said...

I've had bad experiences before with eyebrow pencils, but this looks like a better product that I should have tried ages ago. XD Actually now, I'm more into powder for bringing more emphasis to my brows. But it wouldn't hurt to try this out :D

Mahindra Raj said...

What's a spoolie? sorry I'm really new to beauty tools!

I wish I'd be as skilled as you are on putting make up!

Renz Alcantara said...

I wish I know how to apply eyebrow colors properly.

I only know that I have to choose 2 shades lighter than my eyebrow color, correct? But that's it! Also, what's a spoolie?

Michelle said...

I just use eyeshadow for my brows so I'm not very familiar with pencils. Usually, I like pencils that are hard in consistency because softer ones tend to look too dark when applied. The harder ones look more natural. :) I like the packaging for this one though. :)

Life by Cynthia said...

I like your eyebrows. I wish I had more of an arch!