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Summer | More Fun in the Philippines.

It's summer once again here in the Philippines, and much as I love beach trips and swimming parties, this is actually the season that I detest the most. The heat has been unforgiving lately, and the temperature outside has even peaked to 36 degrees Celsius as of late.

And as if 36 degrees isn't hot enough for us to handle, the social weather station tells us that the temperature is expected to rise even higher in the coming days. This kind of weather is not a joke, and definitely not for the faint of heart. I bathe thrice a day just to relieve the heat, and chug down at least fifteen glasses a day, lest I die of dehydration or heat stroke. This summer is crazy, I tell you. Crazy!

Which is why my siblings and I are planning to go swimming again this weekend. Not the beach this time, though. We're currently looking into private resorts equipped with proper pool supply. We're bringing the kids along (my three-year old son and my seven-month old niece), and we're not taking any risks when it comes to the safety of our little ones.

Yue loves the water!
Swimming parties are only more fun when you are free of worries, and rest assured that the pool and its surroundings are tragedy-free.

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Mayet said...

I'm looking forward to summer, sea and halo-halo ;) it's raining here for the past two weeks. and my girls are excited about our holiday but I'm kinda worried about this pool in the summer house we are renting--no gate security just an alarm. I guess my youngest would be wearing arm bands all the time ;)