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Pami Pocket

I'm a busy individual on the go and always looking for ways to downsize/simplify.

Solution: Pami Pocket

Founder: Pam never wanted to miss a important call. Especially, while out on the water.

While enjoying the day at home a little coin purse on a string sparked creativity. With the help of husband in the back yard upholstery shop the first stages/prototype began.
Pami Pocket:. A comfortable way to keep your phone "on you" anytime.


Product Claim: It’s the perfect way to carry your cell phone, credit cards and cash.

Product Packaging:  Standard mailing  & great customer service.

Cost:  $14.99              Check out . . . "Fair Discount" $5.00 Off!

My thoughts: I'm impressed! Compact, lightweight and water resistant. I can fit cell phone, cash and credit cards. Perfect for next vacations, night out or workout at gym. Even the water park. No worries of water damage or missing a call.

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5 replies:

Jenelle said...

Thanks for stopping by and linking up to my new Weekend Inspiration Blog Hop. Stopped by and following you on linky followers. Also entered the giveaway, and I love this purse. It is small compact and can carry everything that I need for a quick run out to the store so I don't have to bring my entire purse. Hope I win.

Unknown said...

water resistant.

GoodnessGraces said...

I love that it comes in pink too

Diane Melendez said...

Its a super place to carry my phone or to replace a purse at sports venues.

April said...

I like the pink but would love the purple. With 3 kids under 5 my hands always seem too full and my phone gets lost in the shuffle or worst, dropped. The Pamipocket sounds perfect for me. Hope I win one but if not I may have to just buy one for myself and my daughter.