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5 Tips for Planning a Home Remodel.

A home remodel can lead to an amazing and fresh new look for your home, and there are any number of ideas for projects to tackle. At the same time, a home remodel can be a bit intimidating if you don’t quite know where to start. A home remodeling and renovation guide always comes in handy, so here are 5 tips for planning a project and seeing it all the way through.
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1). Decide What You Want to Remodel & Why
If your home is like most homes, you probably have any number of things you could tackle. The first step will be to decide what you want to remodel—your whole house or only a particular project—and whether or not to hire a professional.

As Hestia Home Services, a home remodeling Houston firm, explains, a professional remodeling service has a vested interest in helping you achieve your dream project, whether it’s a small bathroom or a whole house.

What you want to remodel is important, but why you want to remodel it is equally important. Are you tired of the way your bathroom looks? Do you feel your living room no longer reflects your lifestyle and tastes? Once you have a clear handle on the what and the why, you’re ready for the next step.
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2). Create a Project Plan
Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to do, it’s time to come up with a project plan. In essence, this is your blueprint, your roadmap for success: it establishes what you’ll need to do to accomplish your project.

A good place to start is by creating an actual blueprint or sketch of what your project is supposed to look like when it is finished. Maybe you have one from the internet. Make use of custom furniture from places like Lovech to maximize your space. Whatever the case, make sure you have a clear idea of where you’re heading and what it’s supposed to look like when you get there. Once you have that, you can figure out what you need and want for your project, and finally you can divide it into distinct steps.

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3). Determine Your Budget
Your budget for your home renovation project will be important for determining what you can and cannot reasonably expect to do. Here you’ll need to think about materials, labor costs (if applicable), and permits (if applicable).

Fortunately, this step doesn’t have to be too hard. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, you can budget accordingly. If you find yourself in a bit of a jam, think about lower-cost alternatives: for example, using those expensive tiles as borders for your bathroom remodel rather than covering all the walls with them.

We’ve talked before about budget-friendly home improvement ideas, and there are any number of things you could do that won’t require you to spend a fortune: painting, kitchen upgrades, adding a picture window, leveling up your bathroom, and so on.

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4). Hire Your Team
You may be doing your project alone, in which case this step won’t apply, but a great many home renovation projects are at least two-person jobs. It’s also very common—and really, quite wise—to hire a contractor, a professional home remodeler, to help you handle things.

When you are considering which contractors to hire, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, think about years of experience.

In general, a contractor with more years of experience will be more desirable, as they’ll know their stuff better than someone who is starting out. Of course, all that experience may well come at a price, so you will need to figure out what tradeoff between quality of experience and cost you want to make. It’s probably a given, but ask to see samples of their work—file this one under “proof of experience”.

Second, make sure your contractor actually has the correct certifications for their particular line of work.

Third, make sure they have workers’ compensation and liability insurance for the work that they perform.

Fourth, ask for a few references, and then actually call them and make sure the contractor is a good bet.

Finally, work out payment arrangements and schedule.

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5). Determine Your Timeline
Now it’s time to determine your timeline. This is going to be your schedule, your calendar of when you want to have everything accomplished by. You’ll want to make sure you leave time for cleaning the area out, shipping and delivering materials, and accounting for any holidays or time off. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be ready to actually buy the supplies and get going!

A home renovation can be the ticket to the home of your dreams, or at least a home that better reflects your interests, desires, and tastes. The five tips we’ve discussed here should help you along the way. Good luck!

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