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Top 5 Mountain Biking Destinations in Colorado.

When you think of the top destinations for mountain bikers, Colorado is commonly included since it features numerous mountain bike trails. Whether you’re looking for sky-scraping mountains, thousand-mile singletrack, or challenging bike trails such as the ones in Breckenridge, Aspen, or Vail, you’ll definitely include Colorado in your bucket list.

Here are five of the best mountain bike destinations in Colorado that will surely take your breath away.
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Breckenridge or Summit County
Summit County is popular for being one of the best skiing sites in the U.S. It features the spectacular, high alpine single bike track. From Breckenridge or Summit County via a single track, you can also ride across nearby towns such as Copper, Leadville, Keystone, Silverthorne, Dillon, and Breckenridge. Summit County features over 250 miles of singletrack within its borders. Nevertheless, the general count is at least 812 miles of mountain bike trails within a 25-mile radius in Breckenridge.

It’s quite challenging though to deal with the mountain-scaling black diamond single tracks and low-lying starter trails in Summit County. You can also observe lift-serviced DH trails, dirt jump parks, pumptracks, and bike parks.
Crested Butte.
Crested Butte
Crested Butte is most popular as being one of the pioneers of mountain biking as a sport. The bike trail at Crested Butte though is incomparable to any bike trail outside Colorado. This mountain biking destination takes pride in its magnificent high-alpine bike trails that go for hundreds of miles.

Most of the bike tracks at Crested Butte though are old-school 750-mile singletracks. Nevertheless, modern flow trails and DH are being adopted because of the continuous expansion of Evolution Bike Park at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Crested Butte also features two unique in-town parks and progression bike parks that continue to blossom every night.
Grand Valley.
Grand Valley
The Grand Valley is considered a geographic area in the Western Slope of Colorado which also includes the towns of Palisade, Loma, Fruita, and Grand Junction. The bike trail in this area is mostly desert singletrack, which is ideal for a spring, winter, or autumn riding trip. Grand Valley though does not have high-elevation singletrack, and this accounts for Colorado’s diversity in terms of its bike tracks.

Trails are constantly being built in the Grand Valley. Tourism has also been improved through certain establishments like micro-breweries and restaurants. Grand Valley also features Powderhorn, a ski resort situated on the Grand Mesa. A new bike park was also opened in Powderhorn to draw more riders from other regions in Colorado.

Durango is considered one of the first mountain bike towns that have hosted the first UCI mountain bike world championships. This town also features the oldest mountain bike shops in the country, the Mountain Bike Specialists. There are about 300 miles of bike trails that can be accessed within 30 minutes in Durango. These bike trails are basically high alpine singletracks above treelines and dry, desert in-town trails.

Fort Lewis College in Durango is regarded as one of the most legitimate mountain bike race programs in Colorado. It has constantly produced world-class athletes as well. Durango also features about 20 trailheads, shuttles, five local breweries, six bike shops, bike paths, a new bike park, a skate park, and a BMX track.
The Arkansas Valley located in Salida is known for its diverse climate zones. You can go cycling above the treeline in Salida’s high-alpine singletracks down to the desert area on the valley floor. Because of its unique ecosystem, Salida is an ideal mountain bike destination during winter or hot summers.

In just 45 minutes of driving to Salida, you will see about 500 miles of superb bike-legal singletracks and miles of doubletracks and jeep roads. There are also three main long-distance trails that intersect Salida and a range of bike-packing routes.

Colorado has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure through its spectacular mountain bike destinations. It is just a matter of discovering the various singletracks, trails, and routes that are quite hidden in the state’s alpine mountains and valleys. However, mountain bikers should take the necessary precautionary measures, especially if it’s their first time. But if you do get involved in a bicycle accident, know that you can recover from your injuries and get compensation for it through the help of legal experts such as a personal injury attorney. So remember, be safe and have fun throughout your journey!

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