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Pucker Up! | Missha Wish Stone Tint Velvet.

New year, lippie!
Well, not-so-new, actually. I bought these lippies while I was in Korea last spring but never had the chance to use them, let alone open the sealed boxes. I only remembered that I had them in my stash when I saw these lippies listed on the Althea website, lol.
Missha Wish Stone Tint Velvet.
Mostly Hangul text at the back of the box.
Meet the Missha Wish Stone Tint Velvet - by far, one of the prettiest lip products that I brought home from Korea. I mean, just look at the packaging. And you all know I'm a sucker for products with cute and quirky packaging.
Lovely, crystalline-shaped packaging.
Its crystalline shape and sparkly appearance resembles that of a sunstone, one of the lesser-known yet relatively affordable gemstones in the world of jewelry.
They're glittery, too!
Its applicator is quite unique, too. The wand is long and the applicator itself is shaped like a pentagon.
Shade #15736 aka Chic Red.
Shade # 15738 aka Pretty Brown Pink.
There are five different shades in the Missha Wish Stone Tint Velvet line, and the ones that I have are shades #15736 Chic Red and #15738 Pretty Brown Pink. The former is a bold, classic red while the latter is a dusty rose with brown undertones. Both shades are nicely pigmented and can be worn full-lip or gradient-style.
Swatched - Pretty Brown Pink on the left, Chic Red on the right.
Aside from the packaging and pigmentation, I also love the velvety, meringue texture of these tints. They glide smoothly on the lips and leave your kisser with a soft, matte finish. And because the Missha Wish Stone Tint Velvet is formulated with nourishing ingredients such as plum seed oil, calendula, and avocado extracts, your lips won't feel dry even after hours of wear. 
Swatched - Pretty Brown Pink on the left, Chic Red on the right.
Speaking of wear time, these tints stay solid for six hours at the most. The color will last through a coffee break, but you'll need to do a touch-up after a complete meal.
Swatches, about three hours later.
Personally, I'm okay with the retouching part. That way, I get to take these beauties out of my purse and take a whiff of their yummy, cotton candy scent. If you're not a fan of scented lip products, this might be a bit of a turn-off for you. 
After doing the dishes and taking a bath, there's still a hint of color from the swatches.
But overall, these lippies are definitely worth-trying - all the more because they're pretty affordable. They're priced at 6500 won each (around Php 300 or US$6), but I was able to buy both tints for the price of one, thanks to Missha's 1+1 Sale Event during that time. Althea currently sells them at Php 260 each - still a budget-friendly price.
Chic Red on my lips, gradient style.
Pretty Brown Pink, worn full-lip.
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Offer is valid for new customers, with a maximum discount of Php 200.

18 replies:

Sarah Stockley said...

I love the shape of the packaging, it is really unusual. Plus the colours are really lovely.

Kristen Frolich said...

I love these colors. I always get nervous wearing darker shades but I recently dyed my hair red so I am looking for different colors to play around with. I'll have to check these out.

Unknown said...

Beautiful color! Are the earring last longing?

Preet said...

This looks like a great line of make up product. I never tried Korean product but I have heard a lot of it.

Em said...

Love the colors! I'd do red for a party night and the brownish-pink for date nights :D

Christa said...

The packaging is so cute! And these shades are so cute. Love this product.

Elizabeth O said...

very nice shades. ladies would love it. thanks for sharing it. Beautiful color and it seems so good product.

Cleverly Changing said...

I love the lip colors on you, they really pop and give off a sassy sophisticated look. They would look awesome for a night on the town.

Madhurima Maiti said...

These lip colors are awesome. I am also loving the crystalline shape. They really look great on you. Need to try them out soon. Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

Omg, this packaging is soooo cute and the color looks terrific! I want this brand.

Geraline Batarra said...

The shape was so cute and I loved the shades especially the second one, it will look good even for tanned skin complexion.

Diana Tidswell said...

Oh it was so cute. I would love to have something like this in my pouch. Very girl thing.

Woodeline said...

I have never seen them before. I like the shape,they are so pretty

Bindu Thomas said...

Wow..this looks like really a nice one. I really attracted by its shape. I love these colors.

Aia said...

I am not a fan of make up but im a sucker for lipstick... I love the shape - so chic.. and the packaging - woooow.. I wanna try this..

thatdogmomma said...

OOhhh you had me at cotton candy scent. They are really take inspo by Kim Kardashians new makeup sets. They are also in the shapes of stones.

Ruth said...

The colour is really simple but beautiful! It looks great on you. I wish I could pull off make up to be honest, but I never have been able too. The cotton candy/ candy floss scent sounds amazing!! :o

Leslie Hernandez said...

Wow I have never heard of this brand before, the products look pretty good and I love the packaging. Will have to look into this brand more!! Thanks for sharing both shades look really pretty on you!!