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My Althea Birthday / Year-End Haul!

I have come to that point in my life when I treat my birthday just like any ordinary day. I no longer make a big deal out of it the way I did when I was in my early 20's (a party was imperative back then), and I couldn't care less if friends (or relatives) don't remember or send me birthday greetings.

However, Althea Korea made me look forward to my birthday last December because of the Birthday Treat. One of the perks of being an Althea Angel is receiving shopping credits as a birthday gift. And when it comes to the tune of $100, how can you not be excited about that?! Althea Angels who join in special activities also get extra credits, and because I did my part in Althea's Christmas activity, I got another $50 as a reward.

By the third week of December, I had a whopping 8080 Reward Points to splurge on, and that's exactly what I did. My birthday/year-end haul was so massive that Althea had to ship it in two boxes, haha.
Althea's 2018 Christmas Box.
And they sent me two, haha!
Here's a sneak peek of what I got:
My Althea birthday/year-end haul!
And a brief rundown of what these are:
What an awesome way to celebrate my birthday and the holidays!
Laneige White Dew Emulsion (Php 1480).
While shopping for skincare products in Korea last spring (summer), I did not realize that I only have one bottle of emulsion left at home. I bought toners and creams and essences, but not one bottle of emulsion. Good thing Althea now has the Laneige White Dew line on their website. This lightweight moisturizer brightens the skin and evens out your skin tone, and lightens dark spots to boot.
Laneige White Dew Emulsion, Php 1480.
Laneige Dream and Glow Lip Care Set (Php 1430).
A limited edition release, the Laneige Dream and Glow Lip Care Set includes two Lip Glowy Balms and two Lip Sleeping Masks. We just can't enough of lip balms and lip masks, especially during this time of the year when Yue's lips get chapped if not properly exfoliated and moisturized.
Laneige Dream and Glow Lip Care Set.
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion (Php 640).
I bought this lotion in anticipation of the hot summer months when I have to tweak my skincare routine and shift from heavy creams to lightweight moisturizers. You all know I'm fond of Innisfree's line of green tea products, not only for the scent but also because my skin reacts positively to it. 
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion, Php 640.
Missha The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist (Php 1520).
A reformulated version of the cult-classic and my all-time favorite Missha First Treatment Essence, the Intensive Moist version now contains more fermented yeast. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about buying this because most of the FTE fans were not too keen about the reformulation. But I bought it anyway for old times' sake, with hopes that this Intensive Moist version will not disappoint - or at least, not too much.
Missha The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist, Php 1520.
Missha Glow Skin Balm (Php 800).
When I said (in one of my previous posts) that I wanted to get my hands on this product, I really meant it. And now here we are, the Missha Glow Skin Balm finally in my possession. Thirty hours of moisture maintenance? Bring it on!
Missha Glow Skin Balm, Php 800.
Missha x Line Friends Glow Tension (Php 900).
I promised myself I will not buy another cushion until I have used up all - or at least half - of the cushions that I currently own. Unfortunately, I have really low EQ when it comes to collaboration collections and adorable packaging, lol. Just look - how can you resist this cuteness?
Missha x Line Friends Glow Tension, Php 900.
Missha Cotton Blush in Vintage Robe (Php 230).
So I bought another blush as if my life depended on cheek color. Lol. The blush was a bit small than what I had in mind, but I guess that explains the Php 230 tag price.
Missha Cotton Blush, Php 230.
The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (Php 200).
Bought this concealer for two reasons - its positive reviews and high rating on Althea (4.8 out of 5) and its budget-friendly price. Also, I hate my current concealer. It sucks.
The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer, Php 200.
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense (Php 390).
It's ironic how I've seen, swatched, and tried this lip crayon on while I was shopping in Myeongdong but did not pay much attention to it. I checked it out of curiosity, and that's about it. All that indifference changed when I saw Park Shin Hye wearing these lippies on Memories of Alhambra. The next thing I know, I had not one, but two Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balms on my Althea shopping cart!
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense, as seen on Memories of the Alhambra.
CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch (Php 190).
With 100+ reward points left in my account, I decided to throw in a pack of the CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch because I couldn't think of anything else to add to my cart. Haha.
CosRX Acne Pimple Master Patch.
What beauty products have you bought lately? Let me know in the comments!
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20 replies:

MELISSA AY said...

Happy Birthday!! Those are all great items, enjoy them in 2019.

Tipid Mommy said...

Happy Birthday! I got curious on the tip consealer very handy and affordable :)

Michi said...

Belated Happy birthday. Like you, two boxes din yung nareceived ko sa Althea Birthday Treat. Sarap mamili ng marami pangshopping. :)

Lucky Finds said...

Those beauty snags are a great way to make up obe's birthday celebration!

Badet Siazon said...

Belated happy birthday sis! I want to be an Althea Angel din huhu... Anyway, would you know kelan expiration ng Missha FTE? I have the first one before sila nag-reformulate eh

Kansas Bonanno said...

Wow what an amazing haul, you did great. I'm going to look into these for sure, my birthdays coming up so maybe its time to splurge on myself for once.

Glendabelle said...

WOW i love the big haul!

MattieDog said...

Happy belated birthday! I think the Missha products look amazing - love the packing and will check out.

Shannan Powell said...

A good birthday reward is the best! Looks like you were able to pick up a great selection of products!

Unknown said...

Love love love innisfree's products. Hope you're enjoying all these products!

Joanna said...

Happy birthday! That's a lot of beauty treats you've got for your birthday. They all sound so good, I wouldn't know which one to choose first. I have heard about Altea before but unfortunately I don't think it's available in Europe.

Catherine Santiago Jose said...

Wow, you have a lot of beautiful products and one my favorite is the Laneige products which is really good. Belated Happy Birthday to you!

OliveBlogger said...

Okay I could totally get excited about my birthday again with a treat like that!!! I will have to look and see if it's available where I am!

SincerelyMissJ said...

Happy b-lated birthday! That's a lot of great beauty products that you scored for your birthday. Please do an update review on the products that you liked.

Em said...

Nothing better than getting "free" money to spend on anything you like! Looks like you got some great stuff!

Woodeline said...

Oh my gosh. I love them all. Ehat a great birthday you had? Happy birthday

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT haul and an amazing birthday gift. Enjoy, you derserve it, after all it is your day

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Lovely products! Each seams useful. And the bear packaging is way too cute!

Anonymous said...

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I get that kind of information written in such a perfect means?
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Elizabeth O said...

Happy birthday. They all sound so good, you really got some great stuff!