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Tips for Capturing Beautiful Pictures.

A picture is said to be worth 1,000 words. When you take pictures of scenes in nature, these words can come into focus if you know how to capture the right balance of light and dark, as well as the details of what is in the picture.

You don’t have to take professional classes in order to capture the beauty of the outdoors, but you do need a quality camera. Photographers like Robert Rosenkranz can take one scene - such as an ocean wave - and turn it into a stunning masterpiece with a simple click of a button.
Photo credit: Favim.
When you think of ways to take a picture, you might think that you have to sit directly in front of the subject. You don’t have to be right in front of something, and if you want the best picture possible, it’s probably best if you alter the perspective of the picture.

Try standing on top of a chair to get a different view of laying on the ground and looking up to get a wider view of the scene. You can often capture more of the missed details when you do change the perspective of how you take the picture.

Eye Contact
If you’re taking pictures of something that’s alive - whether it’s a person or an animal - try to get as much eye contact as possible. When you’re taking a picture of an animal, you might have to wait until it’s looking at you, or you might have to walk around to another spot so that you can capture the depths of the animal though the eyes.
Photo credit: Cute Overload.
With people, it’s a little easier. There are a few ways that you can take pictures by playing with the eye contact. Let the person focus on something that is off to the side or far away. This will create a picture that is a little more natural.

Looking at someone in the picture is another common way to capture beautiful images that show the love between two people, especially in engagement pictures. When you position the subject of the picture in the center, you can either have an amazing picture or something that looks like it’s been set down in the middle of the frame and forgotten about.

One way to create a picture that has depth is my placing the subject on the side of the frame. The lighting will also affect how the picture turns out depending on whether you use something bright or a dimmer light to pick up on natural features.

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