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4 Tips in Buying the Right Pilot Shirt.

Sometimes pilots are so concerned with their flight designations that they forget all about their uniforms. If you're in the market for pilot shirts, here are just four tips in buying ones that will make you proud.
Ji Jin Hee in the 2012 Kdrama Take Care of Us Captain.
1. Be Aware of Color Taboos.
Some airlines regulate the colors that their pilots can wear. Others reserve certain colors for specific levels of experience or logged flight hours. Don't make the mistake of showing up to work in a light blue shirt if only white is allowed on your level.

2. Consider Material Type.
Pilot uniforms are usually made of cotton and polyester. Certain blends are more durable and wrinkle-resistant than others, so do your research and figure out which kinds of materials are most suitable for you.

3. Research Their Special Features.
A pilot shirt isn't like a regular shirt that you can just throw on in the morning. You'll need to find brands with pencil slots, adjustable buttons, longer tucks and chest-area flap pockets. You'll need all of this storage space and more when you're in the air.

4. Consider Price.
Remember that you never need just one pilot shirt, so however much they cost, you'll be paying that amount several times over. Talk to the manufacturer directly to see if you can get a discount for buying in bulk. These are just four tips for buying a pilot shirt. A clean, professional uniform can make or break your first impression, so it's definitely worth the time and energy of buying the right kind.

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