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Sneak Peek | Etude House x Kerrie Hess Dreaming Swan Collection.

I was planning to go on a hiatus until Easter Sunday, but I just could not resist sharing this wonderful news with all of you. Etude House, one of my favorite Korean makeup brands, has launched its Spring Collection today! Hooray!
Etude House x Kerrie Hess.
This new collection, called 'Dreaming Swan' is a collaboration with Kerrie Hess. She's an Australian illustrator who has worked for Chanel, Lancome, Kate Spade, and many other popular designer brands.
Kerrie Hess.
The collection is super chic and very feminine - a beautiful assortment of delicate, soft shades inspired by ballet. There are a total of eight products in this new collection - a powder, a brush, eye and cheek powders, nail polish, lipsticks, volumers, cushion cases, and a mini makeup kit.
Dreaming Swan Collection.
Let's take a closer look at these items, shall we? 
Sneak peek after the jump!
Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact, 14000 Korean Won.
The Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact - a setting powder that comes in one shade only. 
Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact Brush, 10000 Korean won.
The Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact Brush, complete with an adorable, tutu-inspired brush guard. 

Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek Powder, 13000 Korean Won each.
The Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek Blush - available in five shades and comes with a cute puff.
Dreaming Swan Cushion Case, 8000 Korean Won each.
The Dreaming Swan Cushion Case for your BB/CC cushions, available in three designs. Remember, it's just the case! 
Dreaming Swan Nail Kit, 7000 Korean won per set.
The Dreaming Swan Nail Kit - two nail polishes in one set.
Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer, 7500 Korean Won each.
The Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer, which you can use as a highlighter or volumer. Three shades available.
Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lipstick, 8500 Korean Won each.
The Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lipstick - available in five lovely shades.
Dreaming Swan Makeup Bag, 8000 Korean Won.
And finally, the Dreaming Swan Makeup Bag, which can also be purchased as a set (20000 Korean Won) together with one lipstick and one eye and cheek powder from the Dreaming Swan collection.

These products are now available in Etude House stores in South Korea and in Etude House's Korean website. Must ask the husband to go to the nearest EH store this weekend! :)

10 replies:

ReviewsSheRote said...

Looks like a lovely collection--I can see why this brand is a fav of yours--They go above and beyond I love the tutu brush cover!!!

Erika Awakening said...

Their images and branding are really beautiful. I will be interested to hear more as you hopefully review individual products ...

Holly Ord said...

This is such a pretty collection! I am loving the sneak peek. So chic!

Christy G said...

These look super cute. My daughter would love this collection.

Animetric said...

OMG I love the packaging! I hope this line gets here soon!

Rebecca Swenor said...

These are just gorgeous packaging indeed. I love the make-up case and the lip sticks. Thanks for sharing.

debdenny said...

Sounds like a great line. Love the packaging.

Eliz Frank said...

Wonderful! I've never tried the line, but love their package designs and colors.

mail4rosey said...

Everything about this is so artsy. Just like makeup should be. I love it!

Erin S said...

That would be an adorable gift for a teen newly into makeup!