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How To Choose the Right Pool Fencing in Brisbane.

In 2010, the Queensland Government introduced pool safety regulations which dictate the requirements necessary in order to ensure that your pool is safe. Pool fencing is one of those requirements that help keep your pool in compliance. But not just any type of pool fencing will suffice. Depending on a variety of factors, you’ll need to ensure that your pool fencing meets the regulatory laws, while also ensuring that the fence fits into your home’s decor and ambiance. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right pool fencing for your Brisbane pool.
Vinyl pool fencing.
1. Research Materials.
The materials from which your fence will be made will dictate what your home looks like for decades. What fence is ideal for you? You’ll have to factor in both economics as well as appearance for this. Most pool fencings are made from aluminum, wooden paling or good neighbour. Envision each of these styles in your home, and in your neighborhood. Which one fits best? That should be the material you focus on.

2. Work With a Design Expert.
Your design expert will help you to envision each of these fences in your home. In fact, he or she may be able to bring samples, so that you can truly picture what your pool fencing will look like. But design experts also offer other advantages. These designers have close ties to manufacturers and installers, which in turn can help save you a considerable amount of money on your total project.

3. Get Feedback From Those Who Know the Law. 
While your designer may claim he or she has an expertise in the laws regulating pool fencing, don’t take the chance that they’re wrong. Work directly with experts in the laws, so that you can rest easy knowing your pool fencing meets all the laws. Best yet, find a company that has designers and law experts in-house.

Your safe pool fencing in Brisbane has as much to do about the look, as it has to do with functionality. It can be a challenge to find a fence that matches your vision, but also meets compliancy. That’s why so many pool owners in Brisbane turn to The Big Tick.

The Big Tick not only has a specialized expertise in the laws governing your pool, but they’re experts in fencing, installation, maintenance, repair work and more. Learn more by visiting

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