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Shakey's Birthday Party | Heroes, Pizza, Fun!

Yue's friend, Chiara, turned seven a few days ago. To celebrate the occasion, she had a party at Shakey's, where Yue (and I), and the rest of the Grade 1 class (and the moms, of course) had been invited. I wanted to blog about the experience, because truth be told, it's our first time to attend a Shakey's Birthday Party. Haha!
Happy Birthday Chiara!
The function room at Shakey's San Pablo can accommodate 70-80 guests. This was how the place looked like when set-up.
Birthday set-up. :)
At present, Shakey's has only one party theme available - Justice League Unlimited. Chiara, however, wanted a Frozen-themed birthday party. The staff at Shakey's San Pablo were kind enough to grant Chiara's request. The Frozen balloons, the cake, and the party favors were provided by Chiara's family, while the Justice League stuff are included in Shakey's party package.
Yue with Chiara, in her Anna costume.
Aside from the usual party hats, the kids were given super hero capes, which I thought was pretty cool. The boys got Batman, while the girls got Wonder Woman capes.
Game prizes and party favors.
Frozen balloons and Justice League loot bags.
Shakey's balloons.
Elsa birthday cake + cake pops.
Of course, no children's party would be complete without parlor games...
Yue having the time of his life. Hahaha!
Kids having fun!
And a mascot appearance, too!
Chiara and Captain Shakey's.
Photo op with the kids.
Pandemonium, lol!
Captain Shakey's even went table-hopping. :)
Oh, and the food! Shakey's has four food packages, with prices ranging from Php 155 to Php 225.
Spaghetti, chicken, mojos, garlic bread, and pizza + a glass of cola.
A Shakey's birthday party runs for two hours. They are pretty strict when it comes to time, and they charge extra in excess of the allotted time. Prior to the party, Chiara's mom (who also happens to be my friend) gave us guests a gentle reminder to arrive on time because of the tight schedule. If you're planning to throw a Shakey's birthday party, I suggest you do the same with your guests to avoid the hassle. :)
With the birthday girl.
Happy campers! :)
Yue enjoyed the party so much that I'm considering Shakey's for his seventh birthday party next year. (Aside from the fact that the little man loves their Mojos and Chicken to bits!) Hopefully, they'll have more party theme options by then. :)

9 replies:

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

Your son looks so cute!:)

I love Shakeys parties! My son had his 1st birthday there and it was really fun!:) I love the fact aside from shakeys she added frozen! hehe

Gellie Abogado said...

I attended my cousin's birthday in Shakey's a few months back. I did not know about the Justice League theme because his mom told us na "superhero" ang theme... hence, me and my mom and sisters arrived wearing a Capt. America shirt and white shorts. FAIL! Hehe :D


Ben said...

BEST. BIRTHDAY. PARTY. EVAH! You are the coolest mom in the world. I wish we'd had something like this when I was a kid. I wonder if adults are allowed to have parties there...

Unknown said...

What a cute party.. and i like that they dressed up!

Christy G said...

This looks like a fun place. Your spaghetti plate looks amazing.

Katrina Kroeplin said...

that looks like a great party! i bet they had a great time.

Rebecca Swenor said...

Awesome theme indeed. It looks like they all had an amazing time. We don't have a Shakey's here. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa RIos said...

Sounds like fun & interesting birthday party. These Kids dresses looks so pretty. Elsa birthday cake looks very different too.

Tetcha said...

You know, at 8 years old, my son still enjoys attending children's parties. That's why I allow him to go to his classmates' birthday parties because he enjoys everything - the parlor games, the prizes, the camaraderie. The last party we attended this year was a Shakey's party, too, and it was really fun. Good to see Yue enjoying this party as well. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres