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Spotlight | D-Nee Baby.

Last week, I received yet another package via courier. With the exception of my What to Expect parcel, this one has got to be the heaviest box I've received since I started doing product reviews.
Inside the box was this.

Blue and white ribbons for the cuteness factor. :)

This bag is huge!
A bag of goodies from D-Nee! I've seen some of my fellow mommy bloggers rave about this brand, which got me all the more curious to try their products myself.

Liquid Detergent + Liquid Cleanser + Shirt. :)
D-Nee is a brand of infant and toddler care products that are guaranteed all-natural and chemical-free. Its ingredients, composition, and fragrance have been laboratory-tested and certified to be safe and non-irritant. Because of its 'child-friendly' formulation, D-Nee is currently the leading brand in Thailand and has been the preferred brand of choice for moms in over ten years.

The liquid detergent, which I finally got to try the other day (thanks to Mister Sun, who finally showed up in the sky), impressed me the moment I opened the bottle cap. The scent was very fragrant, but not overpowering. My olfactory senses may just be queer, but the Lovely Sky variant distinctly reminded me of The Body Shop's White Musk Sun Glow.

No dyes, no brighteners, no fabric softener, no bleach.
You'll get a bit lost in translation, but the 'thought' is pretty much understandable. LOL.

I used it to wash Yue's school uniform, which smelled a bit like kerosene when I got it from the tailor. The funky smell was no match for D-Nee's Lovely Sky. I didn't even need to use a fabric softener afterwards. The best thing about it? There's no musty smell on the clothes even if you dry the clothes indoors! And you know how difficult it is to do the laundry once the rainy season kicks off in this country.

I give plus points for the liquid detergent, too, since I didn't need to use rubber gloves while washing with it. Call me old school, but I prefer washing Yue's clothes and our whites by hand. This is my biggest gripe when it comes to commercially available detergents and bleaches - they give me allergies and leave my hands red and sore each time I use them. Thankfully, I didn't have to go through this kind of ordeal with D-Nee.

As for the liquid cleanser, I asked my sister-in-law to test it on Maggie's feeding bottles.

Natural and edible. Ingredients. :)

D-Nee Mild & Care contains wheat, corn, potato, and cucumber extracts. And true to its name, it has a mild and gentle scent, but it's tough enough to remove greasy milk residue on feeding bottles.

This one has a way better English translation. Haha! :)
It can also be used for washing your dishes, and even fruits and vegetables, too.

At present, only the liquid detergent and liquid cleanser are available in the country. Other D-Nee products such as baby shampoo, body wash, and baby powder are expected to be available before the year ends.

D-Nee is distributed locally by Transaxion Unlimited (TXN), the same company that brought Tipco 100% Juices to the Philippines.

D-Nee Liquid Detergent comes in two scents: Lovely Sky and Honey Star.
It also comes in two sizes: 960 mL Jug (Php 215) and 800 mL refill pouch (Php 195).

D-Nee Liquid Cleanser comes in four sizes: 960 mL Jug (Php 285), 800 mL Refill Pouch  (Php 245),
500 mL Pump Bottle (Php 160), 400 mL Refill Pouch (Php 125).

D-Nee products can be ordered online through their Facebook page, and can be bought at the following outlets:

- Baby & Beyond, San Juan MM
- Crossings Department Store, Quezon City
- Gaisano Mall, Davao City
- International Freeport Traders, Subic
- Landmark Department Store Makati
- Landmark Department Store Trinoma
- Pioneer Centre Pasig

Shared with Blue Monday and Wednesday Whites! :)

20 replies:

Anonymous said...

looks like you got alot of good things from them, I am going to check into that brand.

ReviewsSheRote said...

Love that you found a all natural cleaner that works well--when my daughter was lil we had to use all natural stuff just because she'd brake out in Polk-a-dots like crazy-she could have been a circus clown NO COSTUME NEEDED ~~LOL

Leigh @ OneandOneEqualsTwinFun said...

I have sensitive skin - so I really like that more companies are making such natural and dye free products. Enjoy your free products :)

Karen Dawkins said...

My kids aren't that old -- though the oldest does graduate from high school next year. 18 years ago, we had no clue how well organics could clean. Glad you have a healthy option for your kids.

Quirky Homemaker said...

The products look very nice. Love that they are gentler and more natural!

Anne | Living Life Smarter said...

I love this product :D

Kimberly Storms said...

Great Review! Did I read that right though, you wash things by hand?

Czjai said...

Hi Kimberly!
Yes, it's true, I wash our whites, undergarments, and Yue's clothes by hand.
I like doing the laundry, haha!

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

Awww this is great! I wonder if I can also use it myself? hahaha Sometimes kasi detergent can cause pimples. If this is good for kids' sensitive skin, it might be good for me too hehe

Karen said...

This is another great products for kids. I read good reviews about D-nee on other mommy blogs. Will look for this in stores.

The Mommy Roves said...

perfect for new mommies out there! safe for their kids :) great review!!
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Animetric said...

It seems a better time to have a baby these days because there are so many innovative products that are safer and healthier. Choices were so much more limited a decade ago. :)

Lhyzie said...

this is a must try :)

Lizzie said...

Nice package! Very helpful for moms at home. :)

Adventures on Planet Mom said...

Interesting. I'm currently using another baby laundry detergent and maybe i'd try this one this time.

Lourdes Espanol said...

I will check their FB page. Their prices seem reasonable.

SmilingSally said...

I like your blue.

Happy Blue Monday! Be sure to check out my Kindle Fire giveaway.

Chubskulit Rose said...

These are new to me.

Visiting from Blue Monday. Here is my BLUE post. Have a nice week ahead.

tess said...

this is the right product for my hubby. He uses liquid detergent and not a fan of powder.

teJan said...

wow thats pretty much:)their products I like too, you are such lucky to get them sis, congrats!