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Hanguk Saram + Nihon Jin?

In her Facebook page, my Mum stated that her grandchildren are 'foreigners'.

One is Korean (referring to my son),

while the other is Japanese (referring to my niece).

She meant that in jest, of course. :)

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4 replies:

rona said...

Hahaha! Thats true! Your son looks so mich like a Korean!

Dropping by from PF!

anne said...

Pretty and Handsome, that is :)/... visiting from PF. Mine is here thanks Mary Anne’s Musings

Rovie said...

Hahaha.. Your mom is indeed saying the truth. :-)

Both are beautiful and handsome.

Here for PF.

Jessica Cassidy said...

hehehehe indeed! Sis your so and your niece looks Korean and Japanese indeed both cuties and precious :-) Dropping by from Pink Fridays.