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Sperry Top-Sider Shoes | Style and Comfort.

Mention the word 'top-sider' and Sperry would be the first thing that would come to my mind. I'm sure most people would, too, especially those who belong to my parents and even my grandparents' age group. After all, Sperry Top-Sider shoes have been around for decades!

Sperry Top-Sider Blue Fish 2-eye Boat Shoe in Tan/Pink Plaid, $84.88

The brainchild of Paul Sperry, the very first Top-Sider shoes were released in the market way back in 1935. Sperry, who had a great passion for designing and inventing, also had a knack for the great outdoors. The inspiration for the Top-Sider shoes actually dawned on him during one of his many outdoor adventures. As he watched his cocker spaniel slip, skid, and regain balance while treading on ice, Sperry came up with the idea of 'a comfortable shoe with a tread that prevented slippage'. Thus, the creation of Top-Sider shoes.

In 1979, the Sperry Top-Sider became part of the Stride Ride Corporation. The latter, which originally catered to just children's shoes, was able to broaden their product range and expand their market with this acquisition.

Today, almost eight years after its conception, Sperry Top-Sider shoes remain as popular as ever. Its vast collection includes designs that are suited that just for men, but for women and children as well.

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