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Benefits of Wearing Socks for Pilates.

If you're trying Pilates for the first time, you're doing something great for your health. Research shows that Pilates can help rehabilitate injuries and strengthen balance and posture. It's normal to be a bit nervous before trying a new exercise class, and we're here to help.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know before you venture out to your first Pilates class.

Son Ye Jin has been doing pilates for 13 years!

What do you need to bring to your first Pilates class?
Reach out to your studio or check out their website to learn whether you'll need to bring anything to your first Pilates class. Most Pilates studios supply all of the equipment that you'll need. You may need to bring a mat to your Pilates class if your studio does not supply them.

Should you wear socks for Pilates?
You can, be sure to wear special pilates socks (or grip socks) as you’ll want to make sure you can grip the floor. Don't make the mistake of wearing normal socks to Pilates class, as you'll struggle to maintain the grip you need walking around the studio.

What else should you wear to Pilates class?
You'll want to wear clothes that are form-fitting and comfortable. Skip clothes that are baggy or hang from your body. Steer clear of clothes that have knots, zippers, or ties, as these articles of clothing can make some Pilates positions uncomfortable.

Other FAQs

Do you need to be in shape before trying a Pilates class?
There's no need to get "in shape" before trying Pilates. People of all shapes and sizes can benefit from Pilates class, and your instructor will be able to modify moves to meet your fitness level. Many people who are dealing with injuries find that Pilates is a good fit for them to ease back into working out. You can check out popular Pilates exercises prior to going to class in order to get a feel for them.

What should you tell your instructor before class begins?
Before the start of class, feel free to let your instructor know that it's your first time trying Pilates. You'll also want to let your instructor know if you have any injuries so that they can help you modify moves if necessary. The risk of injury in a Pilates class is extremely low, but it's still smart to let your instructor know if you are experiencing any pain or have joint issues. Ask your instructor any questions that you have about the flow of the class, or what you need to do to prepare before the class begins.

What etiquette should you follow during class?
Be on time for your class. Look up the studio online beforehand to find out if you'll need to fill out a waiver before your first class. Wait for the class prior to yours to end before walking into the studio. During Pilates class, it's important to follow your instructor's direction as closely as possible. Don't talk to other participants during class. If you need to take a break for water or to use the restroom, simply leave and rejoin the class when you're ready.

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