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How Digital Drive through Menu Boards Can Boost Your QSR Sales.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the world and industries in several ways. The restaurant industry is one of the many industries that were badly affected by the pandemic.

But despite the pandemic, a sector of the industry that thrived is the Quick Service Restaurant sector. Click here to learn more about this. The rise in sales isn’t the only way QSR has changed in recent years. But some innovations are now more common in this business, one of which is digital drive-through menu boards.

If you are considering getting a digital menu board for your QSR, then you need to stop thinking and get one already. A digital menu board could increase your sales in so many ways, and we will discuss some of them below.

Photo credit: Samsung Display Solutions.

1. Get the First Impression Right
Every business owner knows how powerful a first impression is. The way you present your brand to potential customers may either make your business or break it.

With digital signage, you can ace your first impression game. This will not just help you attract potential customers, but it also ensures a lasting impression is made. Ultimately, this will help you build the customer’s loyalty to your brand.

2. Provide Entertainment
A queue at your drive-through means business is booming. This is a good thing for you but most likely isn’t great for the hungry customer waiting at the end of the queue.

No matter how quick your service is, sometimes, you can’t do anything to make the queue move along faster. However, you could make your consumers’ wait feel shorter by placing some digital signage in strategic positions to keep them entertained.

Sure, menu boards are there to show what’s on the menu, but you could place some to specifically provide entertainment for your consumers. Providing entertainment with this approach is another way to boost the impression your business leaves on the consumer.

3. Advertise Promotions and Presales
Digital menu boards can help you advertise your promotions and presales. This is especially important when a new item is being added to the menu. With a digital board, you could display your regular menu alongside the new item you want to add.

At a McDonald's drive-thru in Seoul.

4. Upselling Orders
When most people go to a drive-through, they already know what they’ll order once they get there; this is especially true when the QSR sells a particular food. But a drive-through menu board may help you influence this already-made decision.

You can use the board to highlight specialties and food items that would go well with the meals on the menu. This way, the chances of customers adding desserts, drinks, and sides to their meals will significantly increase.

5. You can Easily Segment Your Popular Items
Putting up a big board that has several options is quite nice. However, reading through might be quite overwhelming for your consumers.

With a digital board, this issue can be easily avoided since you’d be able to segment your items and display them accordingly. For instance, if you find out that some particular items sell more during a particular hour, you can group them together and then display them during that hour.

Since this is done digitally, you could easily change the menu and promote the trendy sales of the hour without spending money on printing.

Photo credit: Samsung Display Solutions.

6. Innovative Technology
These digital boards come with innovative technology that you can apply to increase your QSR sales. For example, McDonald added a weather tracking feature to their drive-through signs. When it is cold, they promote their hot coffee and when it is hot, they promote McFlurries.

You may also be able to add facial recognition to your boards (although this is quite controversial). This way, you’d be able to store your customer’s orders. So, when they visit the drive-through again, your recommendations for them will be strategic, based on their previous orders. Visit to learn more about facial recognition advertising.

Digital menu boards might be just what you need to shoot your QSR sales over the roof. These boards can influence your sales in several ways. From ensuring a great first impression is made to helping you upsell orders, and so on. Ultimately, your customers will have a better experience and we all know how important customer satisfaction is when it comes to sales.

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