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Interesting Facts about Shoes.

The fact that the first footwear originated about four millennia ago is not too astonishing. People have evolved enough to know that constant barefoot walking bothers them. Still, being shoeless has its advantages, which you can learn more about at this link.

Footwear has played an important role throughout history, and a good pair of shoes has also been a status symbol. Its purpose is to provide comfort and protection against cold and injuries. For many years, shoes were a status symbol, and not everyone could wear them.

Today, the purchase of sneakers or sandals is common, but it requires attention. Proper footwear is not only comfortable but also preserves health. So shoes have become a necessity. Here are a few facts about their evolution and statistics that will entertain you.

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Sizing Started Two Centuries Ago
Britain was the first country to devise a footwear sizing system, with King Edward's announcement that barleycorn is an etalon. Small feet were once a symbol of beauty, and anything larger than corn was considered ugly. However, a real measuring system with standardized quantities was invented only at the end of the 19th century in the USA. And you can only imagine how uncomfortable it was to wear the same shoes on both feet since the left and right shoes were designed only in the mid 19th century.

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Men Wore Heels First
Men wearing heels is not a common sight today. But once upon a time, that was the only acceptable way. In the 10th century, the Mongols made something like heeled boots. They were intended for horsemen to keep their feet in the stirrups while riding. Since only rich people owned horses, heels soon became a sign of wealth and high social status.

This fashion spread to Europe, so British and French aristocrats enjoyed wearing heels at all times. In a way, these accessories made up for the lack of height. Women started wearing high heels much later, as showing their feet was considered rude. You can visit to check out some great models for nowadays ladies.

Another curiosity is related to men, and heels also apply to France. One of the many medieval rulers issued a decree for aristocrats to wear shoes with bells and long toes. Their length signified noble origin and title, and they were something of a status symbol, though they looked ridiculous.

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Spy Footwear – Sneakers
Sneakers are definitely among the most beloved and popular footwear, and with good reason. They are comfortable, practical, and easy to fit. It's simply unbelievable how people lived without them. But the fact is that they did live like that, since the first real sneakers were designed at the end of the 19th century.

Sneaker-like footwear began to be produced several decades earlier. But it only got its true purpose when shoemakers added a flexible, rubber sole to it. This footwear was so light and silent that the creators named it sneakers because the footwear was perfect for sneaking and spying. Nike created the first models in 1916, Converse released All-Stars a year after, and Addidas appeared at Olympics before WWII. And the rest is history.

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Psychology Explains Shoe Obsession
Almost every woman is missing just one pair of perfect shoes, although dozens of them collect dust in the closet. Among them are probably some never worn pairs. Not all women are obsessed with footwear, but they certainly love it.

In psychology, there's a syndrome that explains the obsession with collecting things, including excessive buying of shoes. Constant motivation for compulsive shopping is a diagnosed psychological disorder.

True, a good pair of shoes is the cherry on the cake of every outfit. But you should buy them on purpose, not just because they are cute or on sale. But, you might find it interesting to know that nearly half of all women have been injured by heels at some point in their lives.

When you have a good outfit, good shoes are the ones that will make a statement on it. They are expected to be beautiful, attractive, and comfortable, which many different models provide. These accessories have evolved throughout history and become an indispensable part of our lives.

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