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Spotlight | Ringke Fusion X Case + other noteworthy Ringke products.

It was around this time last year when I first came across 'Ringke', a Korean brand of phone cases and gadget accessories, and its extensive array of products. Back then, I was on the hunt for a new phone case for my Huawei P20 Pro, because the clear case that came with it was starting to look a bit... unclear, lol (more like dingy, actually).

Ringke's phone cases looked impressive from the get-go - from the designs, to the color choices, and even the price point. But it was the drop test videos that I saw on YouTube which convinced me to get the Ringke Fusion X for my phone. It was the start of my love affair and obsession for the brand, and in the months that followed, I ended up buying all sorts of phone accessories from the Ringke flagship store - wrist straps, cable ties, screen protectors, just to name a few.

This week, I received a wonderful surprise from GDGT Trading, the official distributor of Ringke products here in the Philippines. Behold, a bag filled with Ringke products, and oh wow - another Fusion X case for my P20 Pro!
Thank you, Ringke Philippines! :)
Now I have two Fusion X cases - the Lilac Purple which I already have, and Black, which was sent to me as a gift.
Ringke Fusion X case for Huawei P20 Pro - Black (left) and Lilac Purple (right, in use)
Yes, that's Jung Hae In on my phone.
So what makes this case so special, you might ask. Well, there are three key points to the Ringke Fusion X - transparencyprotection, and grip.
Clear back with Anti-Cling Dot Matrix Technology.
With its Anti-Cling Dot Matrix Technology, the Ringke Fusion X case prevents watermarks or rainbow-like discoloration on the back of the device, leaving a clear view at all times. And if your phone has a lovely color like the Huawei P20 Pro (mine is Midnight Blue), then you wouldn't want that color to be marred by unsightly watermarks or fingerprints.
Outstanding features of the Ringke Fusion X.
The Ringke Fusion X also has an impact-resistant back bumper, designed for tough shock absorption and protection against accidental drops, bumps, and scratches. Its inner and outer corner barriers are reinforced with resilient TPU (thermoplastic urethane), specially crafted to protect your phone from all sides. In addition, this phone case has a Certified Military Grade Drop Protection - meaning it went through drop tests of sorts and passed all of them with flying colors. 
Sleek and shock-resistant.
A shock-resistant phone case need not be bulky, and the Ringke Fusion X is a testament to that fact. With its sleek design and exceptional grip, you get precision protection for your phone without sacrificing the 'aesthetics'. 
Tactile grip for ergonomic handling.
With every purchase of the Ringke Fusion X case, you get a free Paracord Lanyard Wrist Strap to keep your phone safe and handy. The wrist strap is compatible with most electronic devices, and is made with the same material as a parachute cord with internal cord strands.
Ringke Fusion X case for Huawei P20 Pro, Php 1090.
Ringke Paracord Lanyard Wrist Strap, free with every Fusion X case.
Ringke Paracord Lanyard Wrist Strap in Checkered Gray.
Even my son uses a Ringke Paracord Lanyard Wrist Strap for his Samsung Note 5. This wrist strap makes playing Pokemon Go easier and safer, especially when he's hunting for Pokemons outside.
Ringke 4-pack Lanyard Finger Strap (Php 390)
+ Paracord Lanyard Wrist Strap in Green Camouflage (Php 249).
Ringke Philippines sent me a pack of 4 Lanyard Finger Straps - they're like the Paracord Lanyard Wrist Straps, only shorter. While the latter measures 165 - 175 mm (some designs are longer than the others), the Lanyard Finger Strap measures 65 mm on the average.
Ringke Lanyard Finger Strap in Checkered Gray, Green Camouflage, Black Ruby, and Black.
I also received a pack of Magic Cable Ties, which I absolutely love. They're very useful in tidying up wires and cables, and they prevent earphones and charger wires from tangling up inside my bag.
Ringke 10-pack Magic Cable Tie, Php 290.
Each pack comes with five different colors - Orange, Army Green, Light Blue, Gray, and Black - with 2 cable ties for each color. The Ringke Magic Cable Ties are made with durable, high quality microfiber, designed to readjust and reuse. Each cable tie measures 5.3 inches, and if you think that's too short, you can connect the ties together to lengthen the strip.
Magic Cable Ties in dynamic colors.
Finally, we have the Ringke Ring Slot Card Holder, which doubles as a kickstand and a wallet. This product reminds me of the ahjummas that I've rode buses (and subways) with in Korea. I usually see them tapping their phones against the card reader as they get on board and alight the bus; turns out, they have their T-money card tuck somewhere inside their phone case.
Ringke Ring Slot Card Holder, Php 590.
The Ringke Ring Slot Card Holder holds a maximum of 2 cards, and has a 4-Corner Locking Gear, which holds the cards securely even when the phone is held upside-down. The ring itself is sleek and sturdy, and can be used as a kickstand to keep your phone upright while watching videos.
My Super Junior Cash Bee card fits perfectly!
I haven't attached the Ring Slot Card Holder to my phone just yet, but I'll probably be using this when we return to Korea. I'll be like one of those ahjummas who keep their phones and cards together in one bundle, haha!

Ready to suit up your phone with Ringke?
Check out the Ringke flagship store in Lazada, and Ringke's official Facebook page and Instagram.

19 replies:

Michael said...

Digging the impact resistant. My phone dropped like 5x recently and thank God for those features. Don't take them for granted

Kuntala Banerjee said...

Cool products. Liked them.

Kalyan Panja said...

Indeed a nice case is extremely useful to give your phone a unique look to make it stand out of others. Thanks for sharing this review.

Emily Fata said...

The Ringke Fusion case looks awesome! I drop my phone so much, that I should definitely look into getting one of these for myself.

twinspirational said...

These products are so cool.. They are all must haves for my phone.. I would really love the holder and the cable ties.

kevin Akidi said...

Haven't used their products yet but they seem to have a lot of following. They look great though,will need to try them out.

Geraline Batarra said...

I'm not too fond of phone accessories, but your love for this brand got me wanting to buy a wrist strap.. It looks so cool..!

Laura said...

These products look so useful. Thank you for sharing x


Jennifer said...

I seriously need this, because I'm alway dropping my phone. I'm definitely going to have to look into this brand!

Alexandra Cook said...

Sounds like a great case protector for every phone. This is what I really need. My kids just broke my phone the last day.

Mudpiefridays said...

I bought several phone case but all of them is useless, I think I should try this one. And I like the fact that it could help our phones from breaking down.

Amy said...

This looks awesome and something that I want to buy for my phone. Sounds like a quality option for a phone case.

Samar said...

Never knew ringke fusion is such wonderful brand, going to try these for sure.

Suzanne said...

These phone cases look super strong! Also I love your phone background lol

Quin said...

These phone cases can really protect our phones. I've been thinking of buying or ordering such case for my phone too.

Ainsley said...

Ringke Fusion case looks awesome! I love its Quality features.

Bindu Thomas said...

Cool product. The features are awesome too.

Mommy Ruby said...

Ringke Fusion provides so many features, it's amazing. I often drop my phone so that impact-resistant back bumper is a plus.

Ringke said...

I am very fond of Ringke cases, even though they strongly resemble the products of another brand, they work very well as protective cases for iphone 14 and older. I am currently using it for more than half a year and it still looks like new