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9 Parks You Can Visit in Metro Manila.

Do you also think parks are better date places than malls? For one, there’s something about walking with your special someone outdoors and enjoying the view. When you get hungry, for sure there are food stalls around the area that serve unconventional snacks – making your date even cuter. It may not be air-conditioned, but you have the sun, trees, and the climate doesn’t really matter when you like who you’re with, right? Continue reading for a list of parks near your house and around Metro Manila.

There’s this article that says visiting parks make you a better person. Well, even studies claim outdoors make you healthier and happier. You’ll never run out of things to do and enjoy when you’re outside unlike when you choose to spend your weekend just using social media. Good thing, there are many parks in Metro Manila that don’t require you to drive for long hours. Here are some suggestions for you and your family or friends:
Where to go this weekend?
Greenbelt Park
Here’s where to spend quality time once you’re done with errands and shopping. You can certainly relax here and avoid the polluted streets of Manila. There are fans outside to keep you cool as you walk under the sun. Bands play here at night, so you may want to stay to catch some of your favorites.

Feeling nostalgic and missing the old times when days seem to be slow? Head to Intramuros and enjoy the vibe. Funny how as a child, you used to think you can only visit this place in your field trips, right? Intramuros will always be one of the best choices for couples who want an unconventional date place.
Casa Manila in Intramuros.
Photo credit: Jorge Lascar.
La Mesa Eco Park
Everyone who lives in Quezon City has been here for sure. This park has been improved and renovated after being neglected, thanks to Bantay Kalikasan and the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewage System or MWSS. Some activities you can enjoy include hiking, rapelling, fishing, ziplining, and mountain-biking.

Rizal Park
Still, Rizal Park also known as Luneta, is top-of-mind when people talk about parks. This iconic central park features paved walks, gardens, open lawns, and pantheon of Filipino heroes. Good for a Sunday Instagram post, right? You can also find a dancing musical fountain, open-air auditorium, and chess plaza.

Quezon Memorial Circle
Who’s up for a memorial shrine, museum, recreation spaces, and gardens? Quezon Memorial Circle has all of these. You’ll find it inside a large, ellipse-shaped traffic circle. Locals call it ‘Circle’ and it is being renovated and beautified to attract more local and foreign tourists.

Photo credit: Valenzuela City People's Park.
Valenzuela City People’s Park
Quite a drive for some, but surely worth it. Some people even celebrate their birthday in this park. It’s clean, IG-worthy, and kid-friendly – what more can you ask for? Your little ones would surely enjoy the playground while you grown-ups have fun giggling, sharing stories in your seats.

Marikina Chinese Temple Park
Marikenos come here early in the morning to exercise. You may also bring your bike along Marikina Riverpark. The Chinese temple or simply gazebo with two dragon statues can give you some shade when the sun starts to go too hot.

Arroceros Forest Park
This one is located in Antonio Villegas St. in the central district of Ermita, Manila. Developed in 1993, this park consists of secondary growth forest with 61 tree varieties that serve as habitat for different bird species. It may be small in size, but visitors don’t seem to mind.
Photo credit: Philippine Primer.
Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center
Back to Diliman, Quezon City. Among the facilities and attractions you can find here are wildlife and research center, biodiversity museum, lagoon area, and public art. Interestingly, the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center hosts around 3,000 species of trees.

Now that you have this list, the next thing to do is ask who among your friends wants to come with you this coming weekend. However, it also isn’t a problem if you’d have to go by yourself. After all, one of the great things about parks is that you can enjoy it alone! Take the time you need to reflect, just relax, and take a step back from your fast, everyday life. Remember to bring water so you can walk to wherever, as far and as long you want.

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Lei said...

Thanks for the nice compilation..I'm sure it will be very helpful

Michi said...

It is good to know na dumadami na park sa Pinas especially sa Metro Manila. Thanks for sharing your list.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

We have only visited three parks in your list. We'll take note of the others. Thanks!

tobringtogether said...

Greenbelt, Rizal park at Intramuros pa lang napuntahan ko. haha! Would love to visit the rest on your list! Thanks for sharing! :)

Juvy Ann Petilla said...

This is a very good compilation. Thanks for sharing! There are not much wide life parks near the metro and its quite disappointing. I envy other countries especially Singapore, who have managed to harmonize modern high rise buildings with gardens, botanical and wild life parks.

charley's mommy said...

i looooove parks for Charleybear and we've visited most of them! Thanks for sharing!

berlin said...

These are indeed nice places where you can either commune with nature solo or have friends and loved ones then run or jog together.

Life of Que said...

We love open parks, especially in our neighborhood in Makati! We hope that more green and open spaces will be maintained!

RJ Dancel said...

Just the list I needed. Thank you for sharing, momma!!

Lani Bnazon said...

I haven't been to the other parks in Valenzuela and Marikina. Good suggestion sis! Dapat maisama din sa outbound ng kids yung ibang parks.

Karen said...

Arroceros Park is love mabuti hindi ibebenta ng local government, di ba?

Anne Chronicles said...

It's so nice to know that there are More parks that we can go to. The city air makes me sick. Thanks for this! 🤗

Ayi said...

Nakakahiyang aminin but we haven't been to any of these parks. Will schedule a visit to these places with the kids :)

Lucky Finds said...

I've only been to 3 on the park list. Maganda add sa bucket list ang mga ito.

Tweenselmom said...

Marikina, Valenzuela and Arroceros, I'll be putting those on our bucket list.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Thanks for the list. BTW, Open pa ba ang Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center??

Edel San said...

It's been a long time since I visited Arroceros Park. Hoping that Mayor Isko will make it nice again.

The Super Momma said...

This is a very good compilation! Haven't been to the other parks so definitely bookmarking this one.