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How to Choose the Best Prom Dress.

Shopping for your prom dress is one of the most exciting part in preparing for your prom. It can also be very taxing, especially if you are presented with countless styles and a variety of options. So how can we make this task easier? Simple. You have to know your body shape.

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The Pyramid
For instance, if you have a rather narrow bust and wide hips (pyramid silhouette),  you can opt for a dress with thin straps adjusted at the top, with a bit more width at the hips. If you are the exact opposite (reversed pyramid silhouette),  you can go for a prom dress that's slightly loose and has short sleeves. Better if the dress is long enough to brush against your knees.
Fine Strapless Fuchsia Dress.
The Rectangle
If you have broad shoulders, but your waist and your hips are practically undefined (rectangular silhouette) and you gag on Empire style dresses, that's okay, because this look will definitely flatter you! Go for a scoop or round neckline and do not be afraid to experiment with a pleated dress.
Short Sleeve Yellow Dress.
The Hourglass
If, on the other hand, you have broad shoulders and hips with a slim waist (hourglass silhouette), a V-neck dress would be perfect for you. Opt for a dress flared at the bottom and falls below the knee.
Pink V Neck Dress.
The Curvy
Finally, to put your curves (round silhouette) in value, go with an ample and vaporous dress, which twirls up to your knees, and defines your size.
For the curvy girl.
Consider your complexion
When the time of the ball arrives, you'll have all that fresh complexion of happiness. It is so easy to get lost among all the beautiful colors of dresses that come before our eyes as we shop. Trust your complexion to see more clearly.

If you have clear skin, red is your best friend, while pastel colors are your enemies. If, on the contrary, you have dark complexion, pink, green, yellow, white, and gold will enhance you. Your skin tone pulls a bit on the olive?  A blue or black dress is your best bet. Finally, if you have pink skin or have freckles, coral and beige or turquoise (if you're more fly) will make you shine brightly at your ball.

Don't forget the fabric
More often than not, you have certain prom dresses fabric that you love. It does not mean that the fabric loves us back, lol. Just as the cut of dress should suit you, you should also pay particular attention to the fabric which will complement your silhouette.

Thus, if you are slender and you have endless legs, fine cotton and silk are excellent choices. If, on the other hand, you are rather small, opt for a dress cut in a light and vaporous fabric that's neither too thick or rough. These fabrics are also good for those with more curves.

Finally, know that lace is better for those who have broad shoulders, but few hips, and that princess dresses with a skirt in tulle or crinoline will flatter those with well-defined hips.

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