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Sneak Peek | Etude House Blossom Picnic Collection.

You know it's almost cherry blossom season when beauty brands launch their spring collections, and Etude House is one of the first in the K-beauty world to release their offering for this season. Etude House's newest collection is inspired by cherry blossoms, which isn't exactly surprising since these lovely pink blooms are the symbolic flower for spring.
Etude House Blossom Picnic Collection.
But if you're a die-hard cherry blossom fan (case in point, me), prepare yourselves for the cuteness because the Blossom Picnic Collection is as pretty as can be.

View the complete collection after the jump!

The special edition Glow On Hydra Base, which functions as a moisturizer, makeup base, and highlighter, has pink and white oil capsules that are filled with extracts from flowering cherry tree leaves. This product is formulated with the Jewel Glowing Complex which enhances the skin texture, softens and brightens the skin, and helps your makeup last longer.
Etude House Blossom Picnic Special Edition
Glow On Hydra Base, 16000 Korean won.
The Matte Chic Lip Lacquer, one of my favorite lip products from Etude House, comes in three new limited edition shades. These lip lacquers are known for their long-wearing formula and intense pigmentation, and the new shades seem to live up to (my) expectations.
Etude House Blossom Picnic Matte Chic Lip Lacquer, 12000 Korean won.
Swatches of the Etude House Blossom Picnic Matte Chic Lip Lacquer.
The Air Mousse Eyes, on the other hand, is a new makeup concept - a hybrid of liquid and powder eye shadows.There are eight shades included in the Blossom Picnic Collection, with colors ranging from shimmery pinks to metallic browns.
Etude House Blossom Picnic Air Mousse Eyes, 6500 won.
Swatches of the Etude House Pink Blossom Air Mousse Eyes.
Finally, there's the Blossom Cheek - pearl powder blushers embossed with cherry blossom prints. These blushers are made with fine pearl powders to give your cheeks a rosy shine, while the extra soft oil powder helps you get an even application on your cheeks. They come in four different shades, and boy oh boy do I want them all. :)
Etude House Blossom Picnic Blossom Cheeks, 8000 won.
Swatches of the Etude House Blossom Cheeks.
How 'bout you, which of these products would you love to try?

The Etude House Blossom Picnic Collection is now available at Etude House stores across South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

11 replies:

Adriana Lately said...

I really like this brand. they have awesome products.

Stephanie Stebbins said...

I need these in my life! So pretty!

Em said...

I love these colors! So cute and would love to have them in my makeup bag.

Brie said...

I love this bran also! And these pink colors are great especially in the spring. thanks for sharing.

Christa said...

I was going to tell you which of these products is my favorite but I honestly love them all so much, I can’t decide! Such a perfect spring palette.

Alexandra.Cook said...

Oh wow, those colors were beautiful especially the lighter pink
I would to have this.

Clare Minall said...

Sounds like a great brand. Never tried a korean makeup product but I can see how beautiful those wearing them.

Catherine Santiago Jose said...

I am not using makeups but to tell you honestly, I love all of them they're shades are really beautiful and if I am going to try one of these products I am going to try the Matte Chic Lip Lacquer.

Carla said...

I'm using this brand already but don't have this picnic collections, will buy it soon! Sofia

Anonymous said...

I couldn't refrain from commenting. Very well written!

Lisa Rios said...

I love those pinks! They are so pretty. I bet they look lovely on your full cheeks! :)