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Why You Have to Visit an Eye Doctor Before You Order Glasses

Modern life has made people spend too much time in front of computers and smartphones. We are too busy with jobs and other obligations that we don't have time to relax and even forget to take a moment to let our eyes rest. That's why we need to take care of our vision and visit an eye doctor occasionally. An expert's advice will be helpful in case we need to purchase prescription glasses. This step we should never do on our own. Advice and recommendation from eye experts are crucial if we have been diagnosed with some vision disorders.
What happens during an eye examination.
How an Eye Examination Looks Like.
A visit to an ophthalmologist can help us determine the condition of our eyes, to check the visual acuity and if there is any vision disorder. Regular examinations make most eye problems to be detected in an early stage. This can highly increase the chances to treat many of them quickly and efficiently.

Patients should be afraid of eye examination: it's a simple and completely painless procedure. It consists of several stages:

  •  Diopter determination is the first and foremost step. It's a painless clinical examination which involves the use of a special machine, called auto refractor, which checks how the light rays break through our eyes. More about this machine find here.
  •  Correction of visual sharpness at a distance and proximity if, after the first step, it is determined as necessary.
  •  With a specific apparatus, the ophthalmologist will measure the eye pressure. The method involves the use of a tonometer to mark the level of eyewash, which actually creates and maintains optimum eye pressure.
  • At the very end, the final step is the complete overview of all parts of the eye. These are a cornea, retina, eyelids, pupils, ocular nerves, yellow spots, mucous membranes.
The eye expert won't skip any of the mentioned phases of examination, since the establishment of diagnosis, further testing and treatment determinations depends on all of them. If we are diagnosed with a diopter, the doctor will most likely give us a prescription, which should serve as a start point when buying or ordering glasses in online stores.
Still undecided?
Things to Pay Attention to Before Ordering Glasses.
Buying the glasses doesn't have to be a problem if you stick to some rules. So, after visiting an ophthalmologist, they will give us a prescription based on your diagnosis. You probably don't have a clue what's in it, but each of those numbers and labels is very important when we want to order glasses from online stores.

Be Careful with Measures.
All these labels on our prescription can confuse us, but experts from reliable web stores will easily figure them out and create our custom-made pair of glasses. When we make an order, we should enter all these measures as written. Professional eye doctors will understand if you have astigmatism, or you may need cylinders, whether you are short-sighted or far-sighted, etc.

Extras Raise the Price.
Glasses that you purchase online usually have a lower price than those in stores. However, if we don't pay enough attention, our new pair of goggles can cost us a lot. There are many add-ons that can be useful, but we probably don't need any of them.

If we want our glasses to have a coating for additional UV or blue light protection, it can be a significant rise in the overall price. Also, if we want to be stylish and have special requirements regarding the frame shape and design, be sure that the costs will be significantly higher than planned. The experts from suggest planning our online purchase in details, so we can avoid wasting money.

Many of us don't have time to visit optical stores so we can use the benefits of online shopping to purchase glasses. However, online fraud cases happen quite often, and we have to protect ourselves. Checking the website's reviews and user experience before purchasing is mandatory. Buying through trustworthy websites offering a refund or correcting the order gives us a guarantee that we'll get what we want. Not having these options should be a warning to avoid that web store.

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