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Big Win for Human Heart Nature's Anna Meloto-Wilk!

From its humble beginnings as a fledgling social enterprise, Human Heart Nature continues to grow by leaps and bounds - and rake in awards and recognitions along the way. Earlier this month, Human Heart Nature achieved another milestone as its president and co-founder Anna Meloto-Wilk has been named as the winner of the Global Beauty Industry Woman of the Year Award.
Anna Meloto-Wilk.
The Global Beauty Industry Woman of the Year Award honors female beauty industry professionals whose pioneering spirit, leadership and mentorship is shaping the future of the cosmetics and personal care industry. This award is given by Cosmetics Design, a London-based beauty industry publication led by award-winning journalists.
Winner of the 2017 Beauty Industry Awards!
Over 250 companies joined the inaugural Beauty Industry Awards, with Anna Meloto-Wilk competing against Sarah Champman, founder of Sarah Champan's Skinesis, and Nanette de Gaspé Beaubien, CEO of Nannette de Gaspé Beauté.

When we started Human Nature, I never imagined that we would one day be noticed by Europe’s beauty industry giants! Since the beginning, our incredibly hard working little team just tried to stick to what we believed was right – loving the Philippines through our ingredients, loving the poor as a social enterprise and making safe, natural products affordable for ordinary Filipinos,” shares Anna.

This award is proof that ‘Made in the Philippines’ can truly be just as good as ‘Made in France’ or ‘Made in the UK’ and I hope it will encourage other Filipinas to never give up on our country and our talented, heroic people.”

At present, Human Heart Nature is the first and only Southeast Asian beauty and personal care brand with products certified by the US Natural Products Association (NPA). It also holds the distinction of having the highest number of NPA-certified products in the world. Human Heart Nature is also the first Filipino cosmetic brand certified cruelty-free by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Congratulations, Anna! And more power to Human Heart Nature! :)

To know more about Human Heart Nature and their advocacies, visit their official website

5 replies:

GiGi Eats said...

Oh wow! CONGRATS ANNA! What a huge honor <3

Xon said...

All her hard work paid off and she definitely deserves this recognition. I love the brand, they have amazing products.

Unknown said...

If it was not for her hard work, the brand never would have made it this far. I've always liked the products that Human Nature has, especially the lotions!

Unknown said...

Great to know for your achievement.

Julie Syl said...

It such a great post! Human Nature paved the way for social enterprises almost nine years ago when it introduced natural personal care products and cosmetics to the Philippine market.