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Pucker Up! | Moomin x Code Glökolor M.Tint Lip Balm.

I became acquainted with The Moomins a few years back, when Uniqlo first launched a clothing range featuring the cartoon family created by Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson. I've been smitten by these adorable characters since then, and I now have a small collection of Moomin items, most of which were bought in South Korea.
Some items from my 'relatively small' Moomin collection.
The Moomins are quite popular in the Land of the Morning Calm; no, make that extremely popular that there's actually a Moomin Cafe smack dab in the heart of Apgujeong Rodeo. Korean cosmetics brand Code Glökolor even has a makeup line featuring The Moomins, and the collection includes cushions, blushers, eyeshadows, nail polishes, and lip products.

I chanced upon a 1+1 sale on the MoominCode Glökolor collection last spring so I bought hoarded a few items - including this M. Tint Lip Balm.
Moomin x Code Glokolor M. Tint Lip Balm.
It's uncertain what the 'M' means, but my wild guess is that it stands for Moomin? Haha. :)
Product description in English, ingredients in Hangul.
The Moomin x Code Glökolor M. Tint Lip Balm comes in three different shades, and this one is Medium Cherry Red, the darkest shade in the collection.
Shade indicator on the top flap.
Licensed product.
All three shades for your reference. :)
The lip balm comes in a transparent plastic jar. Sturdy yet lightweight, this jar easily fits into your makeup pouch and even in your pocket.
Moominpappa loves Moominmamma!
I'm a sucker for cute packaging, and this product is a perfect example of it. Moominpappa and Moominmamma are so lovey dovey adorable!
Moomin x Code Glokolor M. Tint Lip Balm in Medium Cherry Red.
Here's what the 'Medium Cherry Red' looks like. Very bright and neon-like, right? Thankfully, I had the chance to swatch this product while at the Code store in Myeongdong and from there I knew that this won't look Cyndi Lauper on me. LOL!
Cute and handy!
And here's how the product looks like when swatched. The color payoff isn't as pigmented as it seems, but the sheer, barely-there formula works nicely on the lips. The lip balm also has a subtle raspberry scent; too subtle you can only smell it when you sniff the product right under your nose. 
Swiped thrice.
I love how this product gives my lips a nice pop of color while moisturizing it at the same time. The color is buildable, and stays on the lips for a decent period of time. It does fade after a bit of drinking and eating, but it leaves a nice, natural-looking, pinkish stain on the lips.
Medium Cherry Red on my lips.
Not bad for Php 150 pesos, right?
This lip balm was originally priced at 7000 won (around Php 300 or $6), but since I purchased this during the 1+1 event, I got two products for the price of one. (I gave the other lip balm to my Mum, who also likes The Moomins.) That makes each lip balm worth just 3500 won or a little over $3!
Products Used:
FACE: Beyond Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base,
Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer in Light,
Missha x Line Friends Magic Cushion in #23.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner,
Missha x Line Friends 4D Mascara.
CHEEKS: Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Raisin.
LIPS: Moomin x Code Glokolor M. Tint  Lip Balm in Medium Cherry Red.
Excuse my moon face. I'm currently on doctor-prescribed steroids for my asthma. Boo hoo.

4 replies:

travelpogi said...

that looks very awesome lip balm! it's perfect on the current weather!
-Kelly Reci

Xon said...

It sounds like a nice balm. I love that it's lightly tinted and that it also has a subtle smell. It's a good product to have!

Unknown said...

Can this balm be any more adorable? I love the colors that it comes with! I think it's really nice to have in your make-up bag especially this summer.

Unknown said...

I really love using lip balm, it makes my lips looking naturally and soft. This one is perfect I would love to try.