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Spotlight | Tony Moly ❤ Pokemon Pikachu Kids & Mom Toner.

South Korea may have been a little late when it comes to Pokemon Go (the game made its debut in the country only last January, six months after its worldwide launch), but not with Pokemon merchandise. Pikachu and friends are extremely popular in South Korea, and you'll find all sorts of merchandise - toys, plushies, apparel, jewelry, stationery, to name a few - in almost every shopping district, traditional markets included.

Case in point, the Tony Moly x Pokemon collaboration collection which created quite a stir among makeup junkies and Pokemon fans around the world. (Me included!) And so last winter, I made it a point to buy a few items from the limited edition collection, for myself and for my siblings who are huge Pokemon fans as well.
Tony Moly x Pokemon products, on display in one of the stores in Myeongdong.
Luckily, Tony Moly had a huge sale event while I was there. I was able to buy pasalubong for the entire family without making my wallet weep, haha! As for myself, I got one of those Jigglypuff Peach Pacts, some sheet masks, a makeup pouch, and this Pikachu Kids & Mom Toner.
Pikachu Kids & Mom Toner.
Originally priced at 13000 won (around Php 600 or $11) this toner went on sale for just 9900 won (around Php 450 or $9) each. The discounted price was actually one of the reasons why I bought this product on a whim - aside from the fact that the packaging is just too cute to resist.
Mostly Hangul text at the back of the box.
A moisturizing toner that refreshes the skin and smoothens skin texture, the Pikachu Kids & Mom Toner is gently-formulated and guaranteed safe for sensitive skin. The brand claims that this product can even be used by children, thus the name 'kids and mom toner', though I really wouldn't let my eight-year-old son or my five-year-old niece use this, or any other cosmetics for that matter.
Product description in English, printed on the side panel.
A soothing complex of plant extracts, this toner's major components include lavender flower water, cornflower water, and Western pear extract - all three ingredients known for their antioxidant properties and healing benefits on the skin.
EWG Verified!
This product also boasts of an EWG verification, meaning it has passed the strictest health and transparency standard of the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Products with the EWG Verified mark are guaranteed free from harmful chemicals and are produced with the best manufacturing practices. How awesome is that?
Yep, it's a licensed product!
Personally, I love how this product works well on my sensitive skin. It does not sting, and it never broke me out.
Here's the bottle.
And the back of the bottle.
It has a thin, watery consistency which is light on the the skin and leaves it feeling cool and hydrated - exactly what my skin needs during these hot summer months.
Dispenses just the right amount of product.
It also has a mild, citrusy scent, the kind that perks you up on lazy Monday mornings. No worries if citrusy scents are not up your alley. The scent fades as soon as you bathe your skin with the toner.
Thin, watery consistency.
Best of all, I love how this toner smoothens my skin and makes it look healthy and supple. I've been using this product for a little over a month now, and it does a good job at keeping my skin moisturized and healthy without the redness or break-outs.

Would I repurchase? If this product has not been discontinued by the time I return to Seoul, I would! :)

18 replies:

Xon said...

Adorable! I love the packaging and it's enough to convince you to buy it. I think it's awesome that it went on sale!

Unknown said...

I love that brands are collaborating with characters that are close to our hearts! This is so awesome. It's nice that it's perfect for sensitive skin!

travelpogi said...

this is interesting, gonna check this out! im sure my sister will love this too!
-Kelly REci

Joy said...

Cute packaging, a must buy especially for the pokemon fanatics :)

Unknown said...

How awesome. I love that its child and adult friendsly

C5 said...

It's really good that the safety of the kids is thought of, and the environment too. ☺

A said...

I saw this on your Facebook page and I thought it was really cool! I've always loved Tony Moly products and I wonder if this would be a good fit for my skin, I know my son would love to keep the bottle for sure though. :)

Mitchelle said...

haha definitely cute. I could now imagine my daughter and I guess even my son would go-gaga-over this.

Ruby said...

Would it be OK not to use it? Just display it on my cabinet for all the world to see? Hahaha... I might see it as a collectible rather than a skin care product. Anyway, I like it that there are skin care products that are kids and adult friendly to use. It would be a good bonding session with my daughters!

Lisa Rios said...

This is almost too cute to be true! lol I would totally buy it and use it. I'm not a fan of Pokemon, but - Who doesn't love Pikachu? He's irresistible. Awwww...

mail4rosey said...

Now this is fun! I would love to have the kids see mom using Pikachu. ;)

Unknown said...

omg i love tony moly but somehow i never own even one product from them. guess it is time to hunt some sale if we have it here in dubai. that pikachu toner is too cute too use! definitely refilling it when it is finish haha

Mommy Levy said...

That packaging is so cute, I think it will be hard for me to throw it when its empty.

Jules said...

Wow kids taken into considereation, I dont know when I last saw Pikachu and what happened to Pokemon Go?

Badet Siazon said...

Aaaay parang gusto ko makita yung Jigglypuff Peach Pacts.

Sigrid said...

Ang cute! Sayang, parang wala pa kahit private seller dito samin. The kids would love them!

Aduke Schulist said...

That looks like a fun toner. Definitely cute and the kids will love it.

Unknown said...

I will buy the toner for the "mom and kid" tag and for the lovely packaging! You can never really resist Pikachu, I guess! But it is good to know that the product is of good quality and if it has no harmful chemicals then it is safe to use for kids, too!