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Sneak Peek | Tony Moly ❤ Pokemon Collection.

So it seems like everyone's crazy about Pokemons these days, thanks to Pokemon Go, a location-based augmented reality mobile game. Released in July 2016, the game quickly became a global phenomenon, and was heralded as one of the most used mobile apps this year. I am hooked to the game myself, along with my siblings, my cousins, and even some of my (mommy) friends at Yue's school.

Now the latest to join this Pokemon craze is Korean cosmetics brand Tony Moly, with the launch of their limited edition Tony Moly x Pokemon collection! Collaboration collections are nothing new in the Korean cosmetics industry, but I'm quite sure this particular line will be such a hit not only with Korean cosmetics lover but also with Pokemon fans across the globe.
Pokemon ❤ Tony Moly!
Catch them all after the jump!
The collection includes a variety of skincare products, starting with these moisture creams.
They come in four different variants: Pikachu (Honey Moisture Cream), Squirtle (Water Moisture Cream), Meowth (Butter Nutrition Cream), and Psyduck (Cheese Firming Cream).
Moisture Cream, 9900 won.
The latter sounds scary yet very interesting. I mean, does it smell like cheese?! Will I smell like cheese after using it?!
Hand Cream, 5900 won.
Also included in the collection are these travel-friendly hand creams, available in eight different scents (and Pokemons) - Pikachu (Vanilla), Charmander (Grapefruit), Bulbasaur (Green Tea), Squirtle (Lotus)Jigglypuff (Peach) Togepi (Lemon), Snorlax (Lavender) and Eevee (Powder).
Hydrating Foam Cleanser, 7900 won.
The Hydrating Foam Cleanser, on the other hand, has four different variants and features the four main characters in Pokemon Go. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander appear once you get started with the game, and you have to 'catch' one of them to be your first Pokemon. How I wish Pikachu would make an appearance early in the game, too! I'm already at Level 12 and have not even caught sight of this adorable electric monster.

Anyway, here are the foam cleanser variants for your reference: Pikachu (Moisturizing), Charmander (Brightening), Squirtle (Hydrating), Bulbasaur (Pore Cleansing).
Moisture Mask Sheet.
Finally, we have the Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet, which have yet to hit the stores in Korea. (Take note that this collection is only available in Korea at the moment.) Packaging says it contains honey extract, so I reckon these mask sheets smell really good. I wonder if the mask has Pikachu's face printed on it? Now that would be might cool!
Pika pika pika chuuuuuu!
Oh, and I just received news that a second edition will be coming our way soon! Tony Moly just posted this teaser on their Facebook page, and I'm excited to see all these products up close (and personal)! Will post details as soon as they become available. Stay tuned! :)

5 replies:

Theresa Mahoney said...

My daughter is all about Pokemon and beauty products these day. Combining the two would be the bee's knees for her. I'll have to see if I can get her some for Christmas this year. She'd love them, I'm sure!

Xon said...

I don't play Pokemon Go but I grew up watching Pokemon every single night when I was in gradeschool! These products will definitely give you nostalgia but I am also hesitant about the cheese one! Lol. I am excited for the next batch of products, with the nail polish and the lipsticks!


Ang cute!!! I love the pokeball applicator in the teaser photo!

Erin S said...

What fun items. I have a son who is nuts over Pokemon right now

Unknown said...

Wow, I love your collection. I am not a huge fan of Pokemon Go, I am not that patient!