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Foodie Goodie | Porchetta Restaurant.

Save for the occasional take-outs at the nearby McDonald's or at the pizza and chicken joint two blocks away from home, we hardly eat at restaurants here in Korea for two reasons: 1) my son can't handle the spiciness of traditional Korean food, and 2) we cook at home, and it's cheaper that way. Plus, my husband's cooking is the bomb!

On Mother's Day, however, we decided not to scrimp because what the heck - it's a special day, and it's the first time in six years that I'm celebrating my 'motherhood' with both my son and my husband. And so after our tour of the COEX Aquarium, the boys and I went searching for a nice restaurant that's neither a fast food chain or a pizza joint. We were literally all over the place, as COEX is a pretty huge mall, and the restaurants are not lined up in one floor like they do in Philippine malls.
We somehow ended up at Porchetta, because Yue saw something very tempting called 'Chicken Finger Fries' on their menu.
The counter, where you place your order and pay for your bill.
Named after that fatty, savory, and boneless pork roasted in the traditional Italian way, Porchetta is a casual dining fusion restaurant famous for their ciabatta sandwiches.
Sandwiches on their menu.
They also serve pasta and steak - which we ordered, soups and salads, dessert, and even alcoholic beverages.
Yep, they serve beer. And wine, too.
We were able to get a table right away, as there were quite a few empty seats when we arrived. Halfway through our meal, I noticed that the restaurant was already quite packed.
Diners at Porchetta.
Here's what we had for dinner at Porchetta.
Chicken Finger Fries.
Chicken Finger Fries.
Chicken Finger Fries, 11200 won. The three of us enjoyed this dish a lot. The fries were crunchy and flavorful, and were neither overcooked nor soaking in oil. Same goes for the chicken - crunchy on the outside, but tender and juicy on the inside. Considering that this dish is good for sharing for up to four people, paying more than a man won isn't so bad.
Bacon Carbonara.
Bacon Carbonara, 15900 won. My son is a huge fan of white sauce pasta, and he loved this carbonara a lot even if the sauce, according to him 'looks more yellow than white'. This dish didn't scrimp on bacon, as it came garnished with generous portions of meat.
Porchetta Pan Steak and Risotto.
Porchetta Pan Steak and Risotto, 18400 won. Husband and I ordered a serving each of this dish, and boy, was I surprised to see not just one, but two thick slabs of porchetta on the hot plate. Aside from the risotto, which lies at the bottom of the plate, this dish also comes with cherry tomatoes, potato wedges, and greens on the side.
Porchetta Pan Steak and Risotto.
I love that the meat was cooked and flavored to perfection, but eating two slabs of it was just way too much for me. I only ate one, and gave the other piece to my husband, whose appetite was heartier than the usual that day. Maybe because we're eating as a family, which only happens when we're in Korea. :)
Mother's Day dinner at Porchetta.
Many thanks to the friendly waitstaff of Porchetta for taking this photo! They understand and speak English, so no need to worry about the language barrier. Oh, and if you ask for it, they'll give you their wifi password, because the free wifi at COEX Mall is a bit weak in this area.  :)

159, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, COEX Mall I103
+82 2 551 8808

5 replies:

valmg said...

I love carbonara sauce, it is one of my favorites. Those chicken fingers look huge!

Xon said...

That's a place that I'm sure I'll enjoy from the glorious tower of fried chicken and fries to those two slabs of steak! It's definitely worth trying, no wonder there's a lot of people in the restaurant when you went there.

Unknown said...

You guys are really enjoying yourselves in Korea! I would also be tempted to enter a resto that has Chicken Finger Fries on their menu. And with various boneless meat? Simply mouthwatering, and I can also tell by the pictures you have up there.

mail4rosey said...

That's fun that the restaurants are all over the mall instead of in a line. Looks like you made a good choice, and had a fun day celebrating being a mom. :)

Lisa RIos said...

Porchetta sounds like a wonderful restaurant with lots in the menu to try out. My husband too would love those Chicken Finger Fries & the Pan Steak and Risotto looks delicious as well.